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I have GERD. At least that's what my GI believes I have
I'm 27 years old. I'm 5:10 and around 260 pounds :(

The last week or so, I've had terrible stomach pain in the upper middle part of my stomach. It was not a dull ache that I've had before... This is a pain that would come and go throughout the day (more so when I were to shift positions, especially from sitting to standing.) It feels different then what I was used too. It does feel like it might be some trapped gas. (Last days I have seem to have a constant supply of it)

Also, my left chest... All the way to to the left, I guess that would be were your ripe cage would be, about 2 inches left of the nipple, especially when standing and other motions too, it hurts... BAD. Not constant however, usually when I shift my position. It takes my breath away.
Feeling quite dizzy as well and weak. I haven't eaten today also, but the last few days I've felt kind of hazy.

Any ideas?
I had an endoscopy done in March I believe it was, which is where the GI believes I have GERD. No cancerous polyps *he removed some*, signs of definite ACID down there though.

Oh and also, I have a slight bulge out of the top of my belly button. It's hard to describe. It's a little hardened. I sometimes get pain there too. Not sure what that is.

I'm going to copy and past an old thread just for references that might help with my situation"

Here is my post in the cardiovascular thread from 6/13/2014
Little or no responses, so I figured I'd share here as well what was happening then, a lot is still happening now.
" Pain, pressure, tightness
Hello everyone.
Looking for insight.
I'm 27 years old.
I am not in good shape - I'm desperately trying to fix this issue
I am about 275 pounds and around 5'10

When I was 19 I went to my primary doctor saying that I was having chest tightness.
They did an ekg and also an ECHO
He assured me my heart was fine and that anxiety was my cause.
Now 8 years later.... I have been having on and off chest pain, pressure, left arm pain and into the hand at times, Jaw pain, Pain in neck and back, dizziness, anything that you can think of classic heart problems, I seem to have.
I've been to multiple cardiologists in my life. I have high cholesterol, I am working on lowering that too.
I'm on blood pressure medication as well as anxiety/depression medication.

I am also diagnosed with GERD.

I've been having more left sides chest pain recently this week. On and off, stabbing sort of pains and into my left arm (like usual)
But today and once earlier this week, I was sitting at my desk at work and I got something that never happened before.
It wasn't pain... it was like intense pressure or a tight feeling in my top middle chest under the clavicle and it lasted only about a second and then gone. Naturally I freaked out. Still a little worried... In fact my jaw is hurting now on top of that.
I've had around 10 ekgs in my life, 2 echo's, I had a treadmill stress test in 2010.

The weird sudden chest tightness happened first a few days ago and today about 20 minutes after I hate eaten.

I'm at a loss guys, should I go back to the cardiologist and ask for a more invasive test? Maybe a CT Scan? Or something!?

My company does offer health plans, but I've already hit my deductable and now I'm in my coinsurance phase of it... I am literally in so much debt, having to spend 1000 bucks in a test is just very taxing to think about... Any advise?


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