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Maybe this will help someone here. Over 10 years ago I had a similar problem, constant phlem draining from my nose down the back of my throat, constantly clearing my throat. Lasted 4 months until I finally realized it was Not a pollen allegry. The day before it all started I drank a concoction of water, salt, pepper and basil. Proceed to violently sneeze and gag. (Dont ask Why)
Do you know how a Pearl is formed in an Oyster? It is an irritation that the Oyster's immune system coats over and over with Narce or mother of Pearl. A single grain of sand in the oyster will be coated so many times it becomes a Pearl.
The same thing was the cause of my constantly draining mucus. So I went inthe bathroom and I sucked the mucus from my nose over and over and spit it in the sink. I sucked into my mouth so hard I had a gag reflex. I did this 4 or 5 times over a couple hours until finally I saw a Black speck of pepper lodged in a very thick coating of Mucus. My constant post nasal draining ended with an hour. Good Luck and I hope it works for you.
If not, you may want to try a Neti Pot.

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