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Hello i am a teen. I have had this for nearly 2 years now the feeling of constantly having phlegm lodged in my throat. If I do not carry around a bottle of water everywhere I go to relieve this feeling for a short amount of time, I start to choke and feel I may die.

I am physically active most of the time going out with friends playing sport inside school for P.E. or outside. But when I do I feel the phlegm getting thicker and worse and I have to drink my water. However I don't really have the same muscle aches or general feeling of tiredness I have seen a few doctors about it and at first my dad thought it would be something to do with my tonsils they did the thing where they put the stick down my throat to look around but I kept gagging and they couldn't see clearly, so I booked an appointment to have an endoscopy they looked around to see what was up and they verified it wasn't my tonsils (I didn't think it was anyway but I had to make sure) I also asked could you see anything else unusual and they said no so I thought this feeling might not last forever and thought it will go soon, but it didn't. So a couple months later I went into town with 2 friends with my bottle of water in hand I could feel my throat was getting tighter and tighter by the minute I drank my water and it was having no effect (this was the first time this had happened) I felt very anxious and thought this might be it I will die so I told my friends to call the ambulance and when it arrived I felt very dizzy and ill and thought I might faint but they took me to the hospital they gave me some medication and none of it worked.

It's a year later now and I still suffer and I still carry around my water I don't get as anxious as I did but the feeling in my throat is still constant and I haven't seen any doctors because the general consensus is that they are a waste of time. I still do the things I used to do before I had it but now I have had to stop playing football for my club because of this can someone recommend anything for me please keep in mind i am still only a teen.

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