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I've been on Omeprazole or Nexium pills for years and weaned off and now I'm off. However, I don't know your background or medical history to help but for myself. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and reflux due to the fact that the Doctor gave me too much Ibuprofen when it first came out and he prescribed me 2400mg a day because of the chronic pain I was suffering but because of it , it ruined my stomach and then I had to resort to Nexium. Being obese, caffeine, spices, soda, can cause the acid to come up and give you heart burn. I have learned certain apples can help reduce the acid and heart burn by eating one in the morning and at 6pm before going to bed. I tried it and it worked. I also heard apple cider vinegar is good for you. Next, your gallbladder could be causing a problem for you if it is try not to have the surgery if you don't need it there are other options to get rid of the stones. If you have Cholesterol problems try Welchol drug it helped me with two of the major problems I was having diarrhea and heartburn really bad and that has stopped it completely! It was a miracle! But if your healthy all around try going holistically and try apples and try talking to a holistic Dr as well. Going organic and getting rid of all the GMO's and pesticides in the foods we eat also helps. Going natural and organic has helped me tremendously. A lot of it is trial and error. Knowing your body but also knowing what you put in it. Knowing the labels on the food we eat. Do we really know what we are eating and do we really have a balanced lifestyle. Stress also doesn't help! Breathing exercises or yoga helps. Well, I hope some of this information has helped some.

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