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Hi all,

I'm new here, and hope to get some insight from other folk who might be going through the same thing. It's taken me through the depths.

My symptoms began around three weeks ago - I had an incredibly anxious couple of days and really went over the edge on one particular day thinking I had a lump on my throat when I swallowed (only when I lay down). I've had bouts of reflux before, but this is driving me crazy.

Anyway, it seems that I've broken myself somehow. On that very same day I began burping constantly, my digestive system fell apart, and then the acid reflux began a week or two ago. It got very bad at the weekend, so I have been prescribed 40mg Omeprazole. I do feel a bit better, my throat isn't sore now and my stomach cramps have stopped, but I still have a bit of an ache in my chest.

How long does the Omeprazole take to make you feel good again? I felt great after the first one, and I completely stopped burping, but then the next morning it came back. I'm eating correctly and at the right times.

I have a thesis due in tomorrow, so I suppose my symptoms should improve once there's less stress in my life? I'm 26, and I just don't really know how I threw myself into this situation.

Thank you,

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