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I was in a similar situation as you. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories caused severe heartburn for which I took PPIs. I later learnt to understand what exactly anti-inflammatories do and then understood that it had caused oesophagitis. They strip the lining of protective mucous and then your own stomach acid burns and causes inflammation. It gets labelled as acid reflux, but actually my acid wasn't doing anything abnormal, its just I felt it burn cos I had no protection to the oesophaugs. It would have healed anyway, but I didn't understand that and took PPIs. They do help because they reduce the acid and help to allow the oesophagus to heal, though have no healing properties themself.

My main symptoms were horrendous burning, a croaky throat that I kept having to clear. Once I was better I stopped taking the PPIs only to find I was addicted. They can become very difficult to stop because you produce more acid when you stop taking them. I then was a worse situation because the only thing that would stop the pain was taking more of the thing that was causing the pain! PPIs trap you.

I tapered down from 40mg to 20mg an experience through which I don't know how I lived through. Anything I had up to then paled into insignificance as I then had everything 100 times worse, + a load of new symptoms caused by the PPIS, which were: muscle weakness, bone pain, chest pain, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, bloating, and horrific hyperacidity when i reduced. From that point on I tapered down slowly reducing the amount of PPI I had and went through 2 years of reducing-rebound-rebalancing. I used DGL and other remedies to help me through but nothing takes away the pain of acid rebound. I did this until I eventually was drug free. This is what I want you to avoid. The longer you are on PPIs the harder it can be to get off them. I was on them about 9 months before I tried to stop, but some people have taken them only a couple of weeks and get rebound (others don't get it all).
My current symptoms are burning throat, a lump in my throat and sometimes ear pressure in the morning. The burning throat started yesterday when I was eating oatmeal and got nauseous (because I'm not an oatmeal person) and gagged a little, then all of a sudden I am experiencing throat burn now.

I sleep okay at night, but once I am up in the morning I have extreme dry mouth, I think a side affect of the Protonix. No lump in my throat. I take a few sips of water and then can feel the lump in my throat start to form. I then take my morning Protonix an hour before eating. Over the course of the day I can feel the burn and lump, until I eat my small meal and that all goes away. but comes back once I am done eating. If it's one of the good moments where I don't have a lump in my throat and I do talk, a lump starts to form after that. It has been extremely difficult to function without being able to talk to anyone. My own personal hell. I have never had heart burn ever before, ever! And just now with in the hour of having some almonds I feel a slight burn in my sternum area. I had almonds yesterday and this did not happen. This is really starting to scare me, I just seem to be getting worse as the days go along. Now I'm just starting to panic. How can I have heartburn now? I'm barely eating as it is.
I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I took 40 mg of Protonix and 300 mg of Ranitidine daily for 6 months for LPR. I qiut cold turkey last week after what appears to be a very successful Nissen redo. My previous Nissen had slipped causing LPR. While there are a number of people who successfully use alternate treatments, I found some medications to be more helpful. For anxiety I took 10 mg of amitriptyline each night before bed. It helps you sleep and it calms the nerves in the throat. It helps with swallowing also. I also took carafate suspension which helped my throat and esophagus heal. It sometimes burns a little when you take it.I also kept Gaviscon Complete handy at night if needed. I had to order it from England. I kept alkaline water ph of 8.8 beside me at night to take away the burn at night. You may want to read Dr. Jamie Koufman's research on alkaline water and how it can neutralize Pepsin. I asked my surgeon about it in Atlanta and he said he supports Dr. Koufman' s research. It sounds like you are doing what you should do with diet. I ate a lot of chicken and fish with jasmine rice and cooked vegetables except peppers. I only ate cantaloupe, watermelon and bananas. I could not eat apples even though red apples are low acid. I only drank water or chamomile tea. I actually managed pretty well after my throat started feeling better and I plan to continue that diet after I can eat regular food. Lastly, do not sleep on your right side ad it causes more reflux. If you do not get better within the next month, you may need to have a barium swallow test and a ph test to determine how much acid reflux you have. Please bear in mind that a lot of gastro docs do not believe in LPR but they do know about testing for reflux.

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