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I have been on Protonix for a week. I believe the LPR symptoms of throat burn, throat lump and ear pressure were cause by taking Prozac for 2 days. I have been eating extremely bland foods since going to the Dr.: rice, broccoli, chicken, apples and water. Also sleeping at an angle. I am still experiencing burning throat and lump in my throat. I know from the past that trigger foods for me are anything spicy, hamburgers, citrus, tomatoes, chocolate. I had a slight bout of LPR last year and recovered on Protonix and eating bland. It doesn't seem to be working this time around. I have always been able to eat cereal, milk, yogurt, regular low fat foods, veggies and fruits (other than triggers). I am not eating any of that now, just the bland foods I mentioned above. If I am not eating trigger foods, taking Protonix, and sleeping at an angle, why am I experiencing the burn and lump in throat still? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong? Thank you for any advice.

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