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Advice please
Sep 24, 2014
Sorry it's so long! I was diagnosed with gerd and hiatal hernia in July after a trip to the ER in May for chest pains and numerous doctor visits. Finally had endoscopy which saw the hiatal hernia and "changes to esophagus from acid reflux". My gi doc had me on pantoprazole 40mg 2x a day, 2 weeks ago I started 1 a day, and in 2 weeks will start every other day. I am slowly getting off because I don't like the side effects from it (extremely tired, headaches and weight gain) and I heard about bone fractures from this med absorbing vital nutrients. I still have some pains pretty much in my entire upper body, usually on the left side and behind my breast bone. The pains come and go and usually only last a few minutes at a time, I have found that rubbing thespot that hurts with the heel of my hand helps the pain go away quicker. The pains usually come when I am hungry and havent eaten for a few hours. I try to eat about every 2 hours, but sometimes it's not possible. I feel like this gerd is taking control of my life. I have no energy, all I want to do is eat and sleep. I have 3 kids and I feel like I'm not a good mom anymore because I'm not so active and fun anymore. My husband doesn't understand whats going on, he says I look fine. I feel like my doctor just wants me to take a pill that I don't want to take and never gives me any answers. I just want to feel better and normal again, and not have to be on this pill and have thi. nasty thing controlling my life. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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