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Greetings fellow GERD sufferers,

My symptoms started with pain under my right rib cage, nausea all the time, lump in my throat every time I swallow that burns on the way down, and constant burping.

Since my mid twenties, I have been dealing with chronic ear infections, TMJ and ear aches. I didn't think much of it.

Now I am starting to connect all the dots. I think I had silent reflux that didn't give me actual heartburn. Now it has developed into a problem. It could also be my gallbladder. I have an appt with GI doctor in Oct to get down to the bottom of it. For the past 2 weeks, I have felt like I am getting a chest cold. I feel tired and flu-ish with that burning in your chest. No cough. But in the mornings I am a little bit congested with a sore throat ear ache and mild headache. If i sneeze I feel like my chest is burning. I feel like I am stuck in the "i can feel a cold coming on" phase, but haven't actually crossed that line of actually being sick...if that makes sense.

Anybody else out there feel like this because of GERD?

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