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[QUOTE=aLazyDay;5321706]Like so many it seems...

I am a longtime sufferer. Endless doctors told me nothing was wrong and it was just stress and anxiety.

FINALLY my symptoms matched up to something (GERD).

I have been so sick and not understanding why. Now I'm trying to learn everything I can to beat this.

I don't have health insurance at the moment, so I am looking for any advice on over-the-counter meds, foods I should try to have and avoid. Just anything to help.

I am currently suffering from throat and ear pain almost 24/7 and last night/this morning I haven't been able to keep down Vitamin Water, Pedialyte, or Apple Juice.

I'm currently taking Pepcid.

I'm 33. Female. Maybe 10ish pounds over weight. Getting ready to move to Oregon in a few weeks and hope to be feeling better by then.

I will really appreciate some advice. PLEASE HELP ME! :(:([/QUOTE]

Hello and sorry to here you are hurting. I suffer from GERD. Here are a some questions I have to get started.
1. What is the worse symptom you are having? (IE acid reflux, nausea, bloating etc)
2. Vomiting?
3. Stressed?
4. What type of sore throat? Burning, aching, pain on 1 side or both?
5. Do you drink alcohol and or smoke?
6. Do you have a decent appetite?

Let us know.

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