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For over a year now, I've been experiencing complications with GERD. I've experienced the tight chest, the chest pains, the bloating, the back-wash of acid into the esophagus/back of the throat, tight throat, hoarse voice, sour stomach, "full" sensations, etc.

But for the past three months-ish, my throat has been giving me trouble. The glands located directly under my chin and jawline (both sides) have been noticeably swollen and seem to never go back down to their normal size. My adam's apple seems to be being pushed on, too. It's weird. It's like something IS pushing on it, or WAS pushing on it because now it's definitely out of position. It's suppose to rest in the middle of your throat, right? Well, now it's resting low in my throat and off to the left side more than the right.

I can't take full breaths without hearing/feeling this crackling/popping sensation at the base of my throat. It's like a restricting sensation that cuts me off. This has affected my breathing a bit and I try to not even yawn if I can help it. Swallowing is difficult and my voice keeps on getting more and more hoarse. I've driven myself into anxiety attacks over this as I keep searching things like tracheal collapse, throat cancer, etc and I think it's some horrible terminal illness.

I have seen my physician on numerous occasions for this and she finally referred me to an ENT specialist. I seen the specialist and he claimed he couldn't feel or see anything "wrong." All he did was feel with his fingers and look down my throat with a light. That's it. I've also been seen in the ER on three separate visits. It's always been passed off as nothing or as strep or irritation from a cold. That's not all.

This makes even sleeping difficult as I have to find an appropriate position to fall asleep in as to not bring even more discomfort on myself. It crosses over into my personal life and makes things like showering, eating, going out, talking with friends/family etc really difficult. Everything just feels like a struggle to get through now. I've been so depressed over this...more depressed than I've ever been in my entire life. Whatever this is, it's destroying my life :/

I'm only 20 years old, by the way. What do you guys think? I'm losing faith in doctors and sometimes, people just downright don't believe me when I tell them what I'm going through.

Anybody else been through this or experienced something similar? Has my throat/esophagus been damaged by the reflux somehow and this is the result? What's going on here?......if anybody can help, I would be forever in your debt......

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