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On 11/26/14 bout 8:30pm Approx. I swallowed a large piece of chicken tenderloin on accident. It proceeded to get stuck in my throat. I couldnít sip water after that without regurgitating. I began experiencing a lot of pain in my lower throat and got awful painful hiccups. I looked around online and saw someone say that drinking diet coke would help remove the blockage. I drove to the store and bought a small 20oz bottle. I could sip it or gulp it. The pain was unbearable as it immediately fizzed in my throat and I threw it up. It was awful. I tried a few times but it did not work. I then went back home and took a warm bath after repeatedly throwing up again. Whatever I throw up looks like clear foaming goo. It looks more like discharge then bile or anything like that. I felt better for a little while, but I was still unable to eat or drink. After the pain came back in my throat rather badly, I went to the Emergency room around 2AM. They did an Xray of my esophagus and said that it had moved and gave me some Pepcid and Lansoprazole. I can now sip water, but only very slowly. I still cannot eat and it is now 11/29/14. Iím having some stomach pain and the food no longer feels as if itís lodged in my throat but I am scared that it is stuck in my intestines. Iím not having much movement in urine or bowels. My question is, should I go back to the emergency room or give the medicine a few more days.

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