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I can share what helped me, but other members have recommendations that are helpful. It sounds like you have developed LPR with the symptoms you list. I tried a lot of things so I cannot name just 2-3 things that helped. 1) I elevated my headboard on my bed with blocks 5-6 inches, 2) I did not eat within 3-4 hours of going to bed, 3) I took Protonix and Ranitidine at least long enough to get my symptoms under control, 4) I ate a very low acid diet (used Dr. Jamie Koufman's book for diet, 5) I took an anti-depressant called Amitriptyline (10 mg) for a couple of months to relieve anxiety and to help my throat, 6) I also took carafate suspension for a while to help my throat and esophagus heal. You also can use aloe vera juice concentrate whole leaf to heal tissues, 7) I drank alkaline water especially during the night to neutralize the pepsin in the reflux. I used water with a ph of 8 or higher. Regular water has a ph of 7, 8) I chewed sugarless gum.

I cannot advocate long term use of meds even though some people need them. I do not know what tests you have had to date, but if you do all or some of the things above and you still suffer after a period of time, you may need to consider other options. I had a Nissen Fundolication. I am no longer on any meds and I can eat some foods now that I had stopped eating. I had surgery by Dr. C. Daniel Smith in Atlanta and he has a number of options besides a Nissen to help people with severe reflux.
I would suggest that you spend time reading other messages on acid reflux on this site to help you figure out what to do. There are options to help you get better both with traditional medicine and alternative treatment.

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