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About two and a half years ago, I started having some dysphagia so my doctor put me on Omeprazole, later Nexium, which I had been on until recently. About a month into using these medications I began to have a tightness in my throat (mostly on the right side). I took this as having more to do with the dysphagia than with the medication. A couple of years later I started to realize that the tightness (felt like a constant soda bubble in my throat) was actually air (gas), though I still did not associate this the medication. It could be alleviated by burping but it was very hard for me to burp and it would take hours for the burps to come out.

Only until I read a post a couple of months ago did I realize that perhaps my PPIs were the cause of this. My theory now is that the PPIs reduced my stomach acid and so food would rot in my stomach (I was often bloated) and would have foul burps. I believe the air pressure would strain my UES (cryco spasm) especially because I have a hiatel hernia so I figure my UES vice LES is acting to keep stomach contents or wind in. I stopped taking them and the issue improved substantially. That being said, it does come back from time to time.

The past few days my throat has felt especially tight and I just can't get the air out. I never have those big, satisfying burps, only little ones. I don't have dysphagia any longer or trouble eating. I really want to hear anyone's thoughts on this and suggestions. Don't want to live my life always having air pressure at the back of my throat or ignoring acid reflux if I really do have it.

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