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I am new to this least this particular one anyways. I had my first endoscopy yesterday and received some of the results afterwards. Besides discovering that I have a hiatal hernia, which is the least of my concerns right now, I also have severe esophagitis-LA Grade4 -in my upper and middle esophagus, plus severe erosion in the lower third of my esophagus with the suspicion of Barrett's esophagus. Then some polyps in the upper part of my stomach.
Some biopsies were done in both my throat and stomach but will likely not get the results for a week or more.
I have had GERD for many years and started taking a ppi about 12 years ago. Tried weaning myself off it several months ago due to the negative side effects but with poor results. Had so much excruciating pain just eating boiled potatoes and carrots one day after 6 weeks of titrating my dose from 20mg to maybe 5mg every third day, that I was back on a different ppi the next day. Since then, I have tried monitoring my intake, eating small meals, exercise, and herbal tea to heal my throat and stomach. Hearing just these results, and not even the biopsy results yet, has really been devastating.
Is there life after a Barrett's esophagus diagnosis? I know my risk for throat and stomach cancer just skyrocketed but can it be healed?
Thank you both for your replies of encouragement.
No, I have not had any other tests for GERD or anything else GI related. I had no insurance prior to 9/13, so needless to say, the treatment that is available now wasn't for many years. A doctor told me a very long time ago that I had reflux but never put me on any meds to treat it nor did she recommend any diet changes. I have been on ppis for at least 12 years and did okay with, as far as I know anyways. I didn't start having more problems with it until about 2009.
It's only been recently, this year, that it has gotten worse- aspiration pneumonitis, frequent aspiration during the night, sharp chest pain that was not heart related,etc. Now I am on a higher dose of Prevacid and waiting for the results of my biopsies.
I kind of figured they might find something-severe esophagitis and the erosion in the lower third of my esophagus which makes it more likely to become cancer at some point.
Once I got over the initial shock that I might have cancer, I think, at least for now, that I am just trying to deal with it without dwelling too much on the possibilities.Once I get the results, that may be a different story then.
One day at a time, I guess.
I had a cancer scare about 12 years ago. Breast cancer is very prevalent in my family. Again, after the initial shock, I came to a place where the biopsy could come back positive for cancer, and then I could unintentionally step out in front of a bus or fall in the tub and I could be dead long before the cancer had a chance to kill me. That thought helped me to realize that regardless of any bad news from a doctor or not, some day I am going to die. I most likely won't get a notice in the mail telling me my time is up.
So until I hear otherwise from my doctor, I am going to try to hold onto the that concept, thought, whatever.
Thank you all for being here and responding to my post. :)

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