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Wow, do I know what you're going through! I don't drink or smoke anymore. I'm no doctor, but I have just about everything you wrote and I have silent GERD. Just found out through an endoscopy that I also have gastritis. My GP told me a few months ago that I have costochondritis. I have pain in my sternum, left side and back, along with fibromyalgia and a few other things. Is there any way you can see another g.i. dr.? I feel so bad for you. There are foods you can eat and foods you can't if you have acid reflux. The only things I can drink are water and chamomile tea. I have to stay away from anything acidic, spicy, garlic, onions and even berries. Everyone is different and some can tolerate some foods that others can't. It's JMHO, but I've been through anxiety for years and this doesn't sound like it to me. Wishing you the best and hoping you can see another dr.

[QUOTE=varvermg;5349616]I will post my anxiety issue in the anxiety forum in a moment.. but wanted to see the thoughts on this here. :)

I am a 29 male.. and have had issues with acid reflux alot in the last year..
A few months ago I stopped drinking large quantities of beer..
I became an alcoholic after my father passed away from esophogeal(spelling) cancer stage 4.. we caught it at stage 3.. because at 65.. he didn't want to get the tests done not being on medicare. (He never smoked, had reflux or drank heavy)
anyways.. the reflux I noticed became bad after I stopped drinking.. it's probably why I can't drink anymore because my stomach and throat burns after one sit.

So.. I will not say my life story as I am on my phone.. and because you probably don't want to hear it.

Last year I had an endoscopy done... and a colonoscopy. By the same gastroenterologist. I am thinking of getting a second opinion.. he noticed that my esophagus was in the shape of a diamond and red. but that wasn't a concern.. i told him that I have reflux, regurgitation, excessive mucous, itchy throat, burning throat and mouth, a constant foul taste, a sharp pain after eating right behind my sternum, nausea, lump in the throat, and a feeling like I have allergies.. but in my throat and mouth... Every day....
he told me this was normal and drink more water.. and the only concern he had was making me get weekly hemmroid treatments.. he was the only gastroenterologist that accepted medical.. he never wanted to see me again for anything else.. so one day I asked him to discuss my issues with my throat.. and he turned me away and said a different doctor..
So.. before I find a different doctor I was wondering if those were signs of gerd or lpr?
I am taking prevacid 24hr. ranitidine 150 mg 2x Day. A ton of maalox and tums.. and still constantly feeling reflux like.
So I'm wondering if it is just anxiety and stress related via my dad passing and quiting alcohol at the same time[/QUOTE]

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