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[QUOTE=Chesa;5351666]Thank you for all the info! My mom has been taking PPI's for years and she has also been prescribed calcium. Her doctor didn't tell her that the calcium deficiency could be due to the PPI. She also just found out that her insurance will be dropping the PPI so she may need to go another route.

One other question I have is what will this process be like? By that I mean once I finally see my doc about this and get the ball rolling. I know every doc and every patient are different but what in general will be the first steps in trying to get this under control. Also how will the doc determine weather I would benefit from surgery. I haven't decided yet how I feel about the surgery if it is an option, what tests are required to move toward a possible surgical solution? I mean if all goes well and it's successful it would be a dream and I'd do it in a heartbeat. But as you said that's not always the case. It's just been a very long battle and I am exhausted.[/QUOTE]

Hi. You ask an interesting question, am just reading it now because my husband just had fundoplication surgery for acid reflux and hernia and have some questions of my own. You need to weigh the risks. The surgeon evidently (I was not there when he spoke to surgeon before the surgery) told my husband that he would be 90% improved, lung function, acid reflux, etc., after the surgery. Not so sure he was correct, but we'll see, he just had his last week.

His stomach was up by his chest and lungs. But what the doctor didn't tell him was after a Nissen wrap he would not be able to vomit. And he also didn't tell him the complications that might ensue. The after surgery was painful for him, because of breathing problems he had to have a tube inserted down his throat for the anesthesia and it was there all night because the hospital (one with a great reputation, btw) did not have "personnel" on duty at night to remove the tube. It was extremely awful with that tube down his throat and they kept him there sedated all night because of the discomfort he experienced until morning. Well I don't want to discourage you, but if there are lifestyle changes you can make I would definitely do that. I encourage you to stop smoking no matter what. When I was smoking I was ripe for a heart attack. I saw patients with heart surgery when my husband was there who could not stop smoking. I'm glad I did. My husband never smoked, but his diet was terrible. He's making small changes, necessary anyway after the fundoplication surgery. There's more, but my main message is to make sure that (1) you are a good candidate for the surgery and (2) you understand the risks.

Hope all works out for you.

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