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I have been dealing with acid reflux for about 14 years which has over this time gotten gradually much worse. As of now I suffer 7 days a week with no relief from antacids. I have been taking an OTC PPI (Prilosec) which has been 100% effective. After doing some research recently I decided due to the unsettling side effect of long term use of PPI's I'm not willing to rely on them any longer. I have also made many lifestyle changes over these last 14 years with none offering any relief. I am a 34 year old woman weighing about 140 and 4 foot 11 inches. I don't drink coffee, I do smoke but have been cutting back and I'm down to about 1/3 of my usual intake. I don't drink alcohol. I have identified my trigger foods and avoid them. The reflux typically begins in the morning prior to eating and continues throughout the day. Both parents have suffered severe acid relux, my dad had the surgery done which was successful, my mom as a result of her acid reflux has Barrett's esophagus. I have put together a list of my symptoms and such.

[/LIST]⦁ Reflux began almost 14 years ago during end of last pregnancy
⦁ Daily acid reflux (Morning till night most days)
Nausea (Several days per week)
⦁ Occasional vomiting (2-3 times per month)
⦁ Searing pain through center chest to back (Weekly)
⦁ Occasional food caught in throat (Sporadically)
⦁ Trouble clearing throat/constant throat clearing (Generally late afternoon to night)
⦁ Trigger foods identified and avoided
Reflux occurring without having eaten any food (Daily)
Reflux occurs without burping (Several day per week)
⦁ Antacids no longer help
⦁ Was taking 2-3 times more Tums then the suggested 7 per day
⦁ PPI's (Prilosec) have been 100% effective but am unwilling to take for long term due to possible side effects
⦁ On two occasions pill lodged in throat causing choking (Several years ago)
⦁ Feeling of something stuck in throat (Several times but not recent)
⦁ Metallic taste in mouth (Several times per month)
⦁ Occasional IBS symptoms (comes and goes, never more then 3-5 days)
⦁ Both parent suffered from severe acid reflux. Dad had surgery which was successful, Mom has barrett's esophagus
⦁ Weight loss had no positive effects
⦁ Occasional felling of "bubble" coming up throat
⦁ Burping that turns into vomiting
⦁ General/overall feeling of ickiness
⦁ Cut smoking back by half + with no noticeable improvement
⦁ Full stomach typically results in cramps and what I call "solid burps"

My question would be what other option should I look into? I have a doctors appointment on April 9th and was wanting to discuss the possibility of having the surgery. My other question is with this information I have given would I be a candidate for the surgery? Some of the research I have done suggests that if your unwilling to take the medication or the medication doesn't work many doctors will consider surgery. Any information would be great.
I think insurance might pay for a Linx. It is cheaper than a NF. I had a large paraesophageal hernia which was pressing against my lung. I was on the maximum dose of ppis, ranitidine and other over the counter meds, a very controlled diet and sleeping with my headboard elevated and I could not get control of my reflux. I have had 3 NFs. First one came unwrapped due to heavy lifting, the second one slipped and I had the third one in September. Obviously NFs help me since I have continued to get the redos, but the first one worked the best. I do not know what your dad has experienced, but it is almost impossible to burp and I cannot vomit. I carry anti-nausea meds at all times and I have some problems with bloating. I would consider one of the other procedures that I mentioned earlier before a NF. NFs are used if there are not other options which I did not have. A NF was the way to take care of my hernia.

I would recommend that you try to relax and try not to let this consume you which it can at times. It is important for you to try to find out what is causing the reflux and then you and your doctor can figure out the best course of treatment. The Linx may or may not be the best treatment for you. It is important to find the best doctors available. Take care.
Another thing to consider....what if you have bile reflux??? Sometimes is hard to diagnose...In any case is most common to people without a gall balder which is my case...and is very painful....and PPIs dont' fully work for me... bile reflux can cause nausea..stomach pain etc.
Did your dad had a laparoscopy and had a few incisions...
Gallblader surgery sounds like that...I had several small incisions and was a lap too. It is a very common surgery in the USA...

This is what I had...By the way people without a gallblader or malfunctioning gallbladder can get bile reflux. Is a little different from acid, but is painful.

Bile is painful also can cause nausea, vomiting, and in my case, I feel a lot of stomach cramping, can't sleep at night, I have pain even if I dont eat, sometimes acid in my throat, diarrhea when eating something greasy.... I got acid reflux and bile reflux when my gallbladder started to malfunction and sadly I had to get a surgery.

For me the prilosec alone doesn't help that much... this week I can't sleep, I wake up like five times with pain...

For relief I am supposed to take sulcrafate four times a day one hour before meals, which is supposed to heal your inside from the inflammation caused by the acid.. Is a wonderful medicine but ohhh so hard to take, because you need to time between meals....This helps me with the pain...I dont' know if they give Sulcrafate for acid reflux, but this is good to heal the least help with pain.

I have only had a bunch of endoscopies showing bile on my stomach, one colonoscopy, and once a upper GI barium swallow test.

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