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Hi Monkeybreath.

I am really sorry to hear you are having a terrible time with your throat and I can sympathise very much so. I have suffered with a chronic sore throat from reflux for years now but recently have been getting the throat closing and food stuck in throat feeling. I know that reflux can narrow the esophagus and cause food to stick but in your case, and mine, barium swallow is normal so this is ruled out then. I did some research and found a common condition called cricopharygeal spasm. This is a contraction of the muscle that surrounds the pharynx and can cause difficulty swallowing. Although it is very scary it is not life threatening. Cricopharyngeal spasms are aggravated by reflux or more so LPR which is harder to treat than regular reflux as well as stress and anxiety so maybe try a bit of relaxation and deep breathing when you start to feel your throat tighten. As you are diabetic I'm not sure of what diet advice I could offer sorry. I hope the GI can find some answers for you. I will ne seeing an ENT next week about my throat problems so will keep you updated.

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