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... to Dr Pepper from the time I was 9 until the time I was 16, when I decided to quit because it was making my acne horrible. I then decided to try coffee, and fell in love and have been drinking it ever since with no issues from the time I was 16 until about June 2018 when I was 20. ... (9 replies)
Oct 30, 2018
... m 52 years old and not overweight. About 18 months ago I noticed a burning sensation in my throat and sometimes a bit of hoarseness. ... (1 replies)
... I've joined primarily for support and advice. I've had longstanding GERD and have been on Nexium 40mg for over a decade. In the past I've tested negative for H. Pylori. I've had 2 Gastroscopies over this period. The first suggested that I was just producing too much acid. ... (1 replies)

... chest. I ate as little as a pretzel, and felt this strage burning. Also, my tongue has a strange orangish coating on it. I scrape it and it returns in a couple hours. Feels dry and I can taste the acid in my throat. Anybody have similar symptoms? ... (2 replies)
... My problem is that after i eat or drink about 5 mins later i think i feel it reflux back up into my throat. ... (0 replies)
... LPR stands for LARYNGOPHARNGEAL REFLUX. PND stands for POST NASAL DRIP. I have the honor to have both forms of reflux. GERD, the common acid reflux and LPR, which effects your upper airways from reflux. Goes beyond the esphogus. ... (16 replies)
... has somewhat abated. I'm eating a GERD diet and feeling a little better. Now, whenever I take the nexium, I get tightness in my throat and then my throat feels sore. Does anyone else have this problem? ... (8 replies)
... What meds are you on,are you are ppi`s? if not get on them,if you are,you are obviously having a flare dont worry stay away from your triggers and go bland,elevate your bed cut out wheat for a few weeks,and I am sure you will get better,I allways get better but then flare back up again,its all part of the acid reflux journey (2 replies)
... Did PPI for 6 months, got better but still feel lump on my throat after eating. Actually, some food gets caught on my throat, which I assume it is because some parts are swollen, after eating. A lot of phlegm after eating. ... (2 replies)
... lump in throat sensation. This appears to be classic LPRD or silent reflux. Your experiences and sensation may differ. ... (15 replies)
... It all started back in September of last year when I had my worst acid attack. I never had that bad of an attack. ... (15 replies)
... Hi Lauren, I have been on Prevacid for more than a year. Once a day tabs. I feel okay, and glad you are ready to jump on your condition. It's important. You can get an anylsis of your esophagus that will make you more at ease. Good Luck (11 replies)
... Is it very common to have Acid Refux symptoms at the age of 19? ... (11 replies)
... Actually, I don't have heartburn. On occassion, I do feel dry throat after eating things like breadsticks and maybe spicy things. ... (9 replies)
... With LPR I've had the lump in throat for almost 2 years. I've been put on several PPIs and nothing seemed to work. One thing I noticed is the faster I ate the worst it would get. ... (25 replies)
... I'm so sorry you have these problems too. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia about 7 yrs. ago, but recently with silent GERD. I've felt the acid reflux longer than that though. ... (14 replies)
... months. This problem started 2 days ago with just burning stomach and burning in my throat after eating some pepperoni slices. ... (3 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux. It started in January with nausea but it never really effected my daily life. A week ago today I got home from work, ate dinner and got really sick. ... (4 replies)
... This sounds like esophageal spasms. Instead of going down, food goes part of the way down and then stays there so you have that stuck in the throat sensation, or it goes back up again. Sometimes the spasms themselves can feel like you are trying to swallow broken glass. ... (10 replies)
... After 2 weeks I no longer got that swollen throat effect from eating any longer. After 4 weeks I stopped clearing my throat after meals. My GI will be taking me of nexium in a few weeks. ... (2 replies)

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