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... Basically, I'm going nuts. I feel so hopeless! Acid reflux these past two months has taken a big toll on my life and I'm always depressed because of it. ... (34 replies)
... It sounds like you have plenty of experience with Acid Reflux. I wish I had some constructive advice, but I really don't know what to do in your situation. ... (5 replies)
... Okay so I have had acid reflux for about 3 weeks now. The only symptom i had was nausea for three straight days when waking up. Then, I woke up fine bu experienced nausea later that day. ... (1 replies)

... Does anyone know the difference between a sinus infection and acid reflux drainage and mucus? ... (3 replies)
... acid reflux shouldn't give me so many symtoms, especially related to throat pain. So he thinks it is throat related. ... (5 replies)
... Acid reflux and GERD are not the same thing. Everyone has a little bit of acid reflux at times, typically causing temporary symptoms like heartburn, that can be resolved in a few hours or days. ... (15 replies)
... I have a problem with constant mucus in my throat that I constantly have to keep bringing up. Usually the mucus is clear and sticky like glue but sometimes the mucus has bits of food that I've eaten and small tonsil stones in it. I had surgery for a septal perforation by an ENT in 2008 and have noticed the problem since then. ... (6 replies)
... has always been anemic. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the results of my blood tests I took on Tuesday. ... (5 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with active H.Pylori. Before diagnosis I have been suffering Acid Reflux and what I think may be LPR. ... (2 replies)
... causes me to have symptoms like allergies and I do have some allergies. Are you sure it's not an allergic reaction? ... (2 replies)
... p in the middle of the night...Usually when I drink water it helps but today at work nothing was helping till I sat down for a bit...THen I went to subway an ate and now I'm fine..when I went to the doctor she said post nasal drip can cause this, so she gave me allerga D and flonase... ... (10 replies)
... mg per day. They don't seem to remove the symptoms now tested for H.Pylori this is positive and could be causing the Reflux. Never had issues like this, don't drink Smoke or eat fatty or unhealthy food. I am 59 female. ... (1 replies)
... I have the chest and elbow pain everday. My internist tells me I have "tennis elbow" and my gastro doctor is really not sure what is going on with me. I still have no official dx. ... (6 replies)
... is not an option for me. The vertigo is debilitating and brings my mild anxiety problems to a new level. ... (7 replies)
... i think the bacterial overload causing mucus into your stomach causes your stomach to create more acid.... to try to kill the germs. ... (8 replies)
... I've been getting these symptoms for some time but I never really thought anything of them until I heard about acid reflux and they seemed to fit. ... (3 replies)
... Milk is bad when it comes to mucus, which is always present when it comes to acid reflux. I used to have low fat milk, yogurt daily, but that only made my sinus issues worse! ... (4 replies)
... Hello! I've been on pantoprazole for about a week now and it seems to be working! I take 40 mg once every morning. The problem is that it seems that my acid reflux worsens at night.. my heartburn is gone, but I am getting sore throat, and a lot of mucus in my throat leading to nausea! ... (0 replies)
... month, I only have 3 pills left now but I don't want to take them because I don't feel any better than when I started, only thing I have more of now is headaches and I feel dizzy a lot. ... (1 replies)
... I posted before on the forum but it was in another part of this place and I really didn't get any response that I can remember so I hope this might help. ... (5 replies)

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