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Acid reflux
Dec 7, 2008
... (2 replies)
Acid reflux
Nov 30, 2008
... in the evening i take psyllium for cholesterol reduction. i notice that shortly after i take it, i always get the acid reflux. nevertheless, there are lots of web sites telling me to take it for the reflux. what is the real thing here, psyllium or no psyllium. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, Thank you very much for this reminder! How would the PPI prevent something like this from happening? I take Nexium and still get the reflux, more than ever. :confused: Do you mean that it prevents the esophageal spasms? It's hard to know what to believe - the doctor saying not to worry, all pain is from stomach problems - when it does not feel that way in the... (7 replies)

... Hi, I've had esophageal spasms, the Dr's want to call acid reflux, for about 12 years. ... (27 replies)
... I recently was prescribed protonize for my acid reflux. I have high chest pressure that is more severe at night. ... (3 replies)
... I have been using apple cider vinegar. Last night I had an attack so bad I thought I was leaving this world..I had a severe stabbing pain in my upper back that wouldn't let up. ... (4 replies)
... I to have awful symptoms sharp pain in upper stomach all the way up to my chest goes thur my back and into my throat I hate it and yes I stress alot my bad they are going to do ercp on the 9 nov to check for stones in my bile duct I had my gallbladder taken out oct 07 but have had this prob on and off for a long time i to am ready for relief living in prayers these days i do... (6 replies)
... He heard the wheezing in his office. After trying an asthma med, which didnt work, and listening to my heart and lungs, he said he thought acid reflux was creating the symptoms. I was really stunned. With the exceptions of during pregnancies, I have never had any heartburn or acid in mouth, etc. ... (6 replies)
... Could my breathing problems be caused by the fact that i have Acid Reflux but i have indigestion at the same time? ... (14 replies)
... all that good stuff my doc. said that indeed it was the reflux causes it all including shortness of breath. She did not say why but if I have to go back in I will ask. ... (21 replies)
... Yes acid reflux can feel like a heart attack symptoms. ... (2 replies)
Acid reflux
Jan 14, 2014
... The doctor then mentioned acid reflux and put me on omeprazole. ... (2 replies)
... It seems like I only get acid reflux when I am playing softball (4 nights/week) or if I have to walk a long distance(more exercise). I play at a high level and get on base a lot, but now I need a courtesy runner because after sprinting, it really acts up. I am taking Ranitidine(150's) a lot more now and that seems to help. Anyone else have this same problem? I rarely get it... (0 replies)
... pain, shortness of breath etc. I haven't been officially diagnosed, I'm still waiting for the scope, however, my doctor seems certain it's esophagitis caused by acid reflux. ... (34 replies)
... how bad are those heart attack pains. I had the sore shoulder,arm and everything going today. Feeling a lot better tonight tho. Anyway take care and I hope you feel a whole lot better soon. ... (7 replies)
... Gerd symptoms that can be bad. As a patient with a 6 year history of GERD due to pain medication because of a bone disease I have gone thru almost every test for acid reflux.Also All fried foods,citrus,tomato sauces and many meds cause these severe symptoms. ... (7 replies)
... :confused: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, similar symptoms, no hiatal hernia was found in my endoscopy or irriation? COnfused as to diagnosis.:confused: (45 replies)
... I have a hiatal hernia and some acid reflux. i have such indigestion i can't stand it. i have pain in betweenal the shoulder blades and in the upper stomach under the rib cage and some in the chest. ... (45 replies)
... ter when I just fainted and my employer called 911 and an ambulance came to take me to the emergency room. The emergency room doctor did an EKG to rule out heart attack and also took blood work which showed that my hemoglobin was low. ... (5 replies)
... I too cry alot i have a 11 year old daughter and I hate letting pain ruin her life as well as mine but i am affraid to do to much away from home for fear ill ruin everyones day from my pain that just comes on out of the blue use to think it was food but no longer believe that way i am not sure dr cant find nothing one time they do like a herni and acid reflux and then run the... (30 replies)

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