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Acid reflux
May 10, 2014
... Hi I've recently had an endoscopy for acid reflux I found it uncomfortable to swollow my food at times,acid burns my tongue and throte, thay said all was looking clean and fine,except for 2 harmless polyps, after a biopsy, a month later my sore throte as come back really sore take difflam spray to ease the soreness,, and now I'm getting acid and a burning throte again,was told... (0 replies)
... Does anyone get a coating on their tongue from acid reflux. I don't have heartburn, but I do have a constant throat clearing problem, occasional hoarseness, and a burning feeling sometimes in my mouth and throat. ... (7 replies)
... sorry if this is a silly question but what is the different between this and acid reflux or is it the same thing. ... (9 replies)

... related difficulty swallowing with excessive burping, some hoarseness, weird stomach sounds, and a sometimes burning feeling. Also, lots of mucus and a white coated tongue! Does this sound like acid reflux? ... (2 replies)
... If mine was just white I wouldn't worry so much. I don't have heartburn, do my other symptoms sound like possibly acid reflux? ... (7 replies)
... The burning sensation in your throat definitely sounds like acid reflux. Do you get a sweet taste in your mouth or throat? ... (7 replies)
... I have a white coated tongue too from the acid coming up and dry mouth. ... (8 replies)
... I was recently placed on Aciphex once per day. I haven't been officially Dx with LPR just Acid reflux. I believe it is developing into LPR now. I have developed mucus in the throat that I am constantly clearing. Also get the lump feeling in the throat. ... (8 replies)
I have a question
Apr 30, 2007
... You have described my symptoms EXACTLY. I have been going crazy with these symptoms for 4 years, believe it or not. All things point to Gerd but medication for acid reflux only helps relieve my symptoms a little. I have good days and bad days but it never goes away completely. ... (5 replies)
... I saw an ENT about 2 months ago and he suggested I have both post nasal drip and acid reflux. He prescribed several medications which, honestly, I think made it all worse. ... (10 replies)
... Although nothing was found, no hiatus hernia or Barrets, or any other mechanical abnormalities, the regurgitation and reflux would not stop, ive never really had heart burn, But the back flow into my throat was causing breathing problems, and also damage to my vocal chords. ... (1 replies)
... makes me feel so much better because its pretty scary. Took so many Drs visits to figure out whats wrong and there still doing tests. They do believe its also acid reflux related. Well anyways I answered your questions. ... (5 replies)
... he am and Astalin nose spray and a muscle relaxer in case it's these cricopharyngeal spasms in the pm. My bacteria test came back negative. He just saw my white coated tongue and said he was going to check for bacteria in my throat. The nurse said they check for fungus and bacteria. ... (26 replies)
... s. Before I realized I even had reflux, I always noticed this about my tongue. I'd like to know what causes it too but I lean towards the aerosal from pepsin or acid and the sensitivity of the tongue to it. ... (8 replies)
I have a question
Mar 31, 2007
... can acid reflux cause an irritated throat, roof of mouth and tongue? ... (5 replies)
... by him. However, my research has me convinced that I have LPR and not GERD because when this first started, my throat and tonsils were raw and very painful, my tongue was coated white and had sores, my mucous was thick....all the classic symptoms of LPR. ... (4 replies)
... Symptoms may include, belching, burping and burning in the stomach which gets better after eating for an hour or so... a white coated tongue, bad breath, and a sour taste in the mouth. If you have this... Get tested. ... (3 replies)
... Symptoms may include, belching, burping and burning in the stomach which gets better after eating for an hour or so... a white coated tongue, bad breath, and a sour taste in the mouth. If you have this... Get tested. ... (8 replies)
... I went again to the gastroenterologist (GE) yesterday and this is just my “vent”, with a few questions (:bouncing: ) I have gastroparesis (GP), but now he says it’s “not that bad” (although he really had wanted me to do the Reglan) at “110 minutes half-time”. I guess 90 min is normal. :bouncing: Any thoughts on normalcy for GP? He did suggest Motilium, finally (I... (5 replies)
... e out and I constantly worried about it. Later after depression and with friends I decided to take "Morning Glory Seeds" They are like a LSD effect, but could be coated with poisons. We didn't do what was needed to clean the poisons and all took and digested them. We all ended throwing up and headed into the E.R room. ... (1 replies)

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