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... congestion, either the right or left nostril will get completely or almost completely blocked, especially when I lay down. I have no idea if this is a result of acid reflux or not. I use to get heart palps but they have gone away for the most part thank God. ... (36 replies)
... I have been told for years that i have hypoglycemia. Now I am being told that I do NOT have it but rather have acid reflux. ... (7 replies)
... swollen feeling of my lymph nodes accompanied by fatigue and slight lightheadedness due to the fatigue. I just want to sleep. ... (9 replies)

... i have acid reflux too and ranitidine never did a thing for me. i'm thinking of trying pariet because it's cheaper than what i'm taking now....dexilant. ... (12 replies)
... o male diagnosed with mild acid reflux a little more than year ago. I used to get heartburn almost every day, and I started taking Nexium. which much cured me. ... (20 replies)
... ss and fainting spells. I've been to several doctors and specialist. I'm now on Nexium 40mg twice a day along with Motillium which has helped much for my gastric reflux but not for my fatigue. I have been having dark rings since the onset of this strange sickness along with eye bags. ... (20 replies)
... Hi This thread really struck home with me. Palpitations, chest tightness, fast heartbeat etc are all related to gerd and lpr - the acid going up the oesophagus irritates the vegas nerve and there are also nerves relating to the heart which it irritates - causing the symptoms you have been getting. I have found that Drs dont' really know about any of this stuff, all they... (20 replies)
... Hi, nice to see you again in the board... When I did my endoscopy they put me I guess when you get home, you will probably feel tired....They don't give out the results on the same day, because they usually take biopsies....But in my case, the doctor came when I woke up and told me some basic findings, so you can always ask them what they saw... Stool sample is... (18 replies)
... even lightheadedness at times. I'm also left feeling as if I haven't finished but just can't get it out. ... (18 replies)
... oh forgot to mention I was scoped about a month ago and the doctor found mild acid reflux and gastritis and I take 20mg omeprazole. ... (1 replies)
... I drank a tall glass lemonade five days days ago, and six hours after drinking it (and eating nothing in between), I started having a sharp, uncomfortable stomach ache which moved up into my chest, giving me heartburn I THINK ( not a burning feeling, like a really bad stabbing, pressure feeling) in the center of my chest. The last time I had a little lemonade, I started... (3 replies)
... gative so that's obviously good. I don't think it's mono because I haven't had a fever or the sore throat, plus I haven't been extremely fatigued. It's more of a lightheadedness because my ear pressure is probably causing imbalance, but I will see how things are since I just got my negative result. ... (9 replies)
... on Sunday night and then the next day my swollen lymph nodes, ear pressure, lightheadedness were all gone and i felt very clear and aware but then my stomach was very gassy and bloated through the whole day. ... (9 replies)
... Yep I have told my doctor about the lightheadedness, and headaches, chest pain etc. I have been tested for lyme disease, heart disease, etc. I am currently being sent to a neurologist, my third one, to see if some of it may be ms. I had an endoscopy done about 2-3 years ago, so I might need another one done. The only problem is that I don't have any insurance, and I know... (8 replies)
... gagging fit. I still have moments of dizziness and lightheadedness and I find my level of energy is low. I get tired very quickly. ... (1 replies)
Help with symptoms
Jan 24, 2012
... I don't know if lightheadedness is part of the digestive system problem but I know gallbladder can be. ... (1 replies)
Help me!
Dec 18, 2010
... e i would have to burp and was never really hungry i had heartburn and would have to force myself to eat. School year ended i went to the doctors they said i had acid reflux and put me on prevacid. It seemed to work and it went away. ... (1 replies)
... About a month ago I began showing symptoms of acid reflux so I went to the doctors and they started me out on Dexilant. After that I began throwing up and having irritable bowels. ... (9 replies)
... About a month ago I began showing symptoms of acid reflux so I went to the doctors and they started me out on Dexilant. After that I began throwing up and having irritable bowels. ... (9 replies)
... My pcp put me on Aciphex 20 mg for acid reflux. He said he could hear the acid in my esophagus. Is that possible? ... (9 replies)

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