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... all can help me answer. I have acid reflux, but very little. Back in October I was on a high antibiotic for swollen lymph nodes. 875mg I had just recently lost my uncle and I had been upset. ... (5 replies)
... i just did some searching about LPR and now i'm worried, cause i found something about Laryngeal Cancer which can spread to your lymph nodes. my lymph nodes have been swollen since december and the docotrs haven't been able to figure out why... ... (42 replies)
... swollen feeling of my lymph nodes accompanied by fatigue and slight lightheadedness due to the fatigue. I just want to sleep. ... (9 replies)

... i'm not positive mine are around my groin, but it hurts next to my leg and i believe i feal some lymph nodes there. the doc looked, but said he didn't feal any. i don't think he looked in the right spot tho and i couldn't remember where they were to show him. ... (42 replies)
... Can Acid Reflux cause enlarged Lymph Nodes in the chest? ... (0 replies)
... So can my symptoms be due to acid reflux even though I have no heartburn? ... (9 replies)
... tender in neck, the Doc couldn't see any signs of infection and everything else was clear, ears, nose and there was nothing sinister about the way he thought the lymph nodes felt. ... (0 replies)
... is that on the lymphoma sites it always said that cancerous lymph nodes were fixed and couldn't be moved around. well, that's how the one right under my chin is. ... (20 replies)
... i've been looking through the forum, trying to find out what happened with your lymph nodes. ... (4 replies)
... my docotr never looked at my throat or felt my lymph nodes when i went on the 5th. just asked if they were still swollen. which they are. and they still hurt. ... (42 replies)
... n't helping my reflux. since it only refluxes into my throat at night, i'm guessing it's because while i sleep i swallow less often, which then doesn't wash down acid that is trying to creep up. i wonder if there's something i could suck on or something like that that i won't choke on. i bet it'd help a lot. ... (42 replies)
... I personally never have fatigue with acid reflux, maybe some people here do I don't know. ... (9 replies)
... on Sunday night and then the next day my swollen lymph nodes, ear pressure, lightheadedness were all gone and i felt very clear and aware but then my stomach was very gassy and bloated through the whole day. ... (9 replies)
... There has got to be a reason for the swollen lymph nodes. They are trying to keep something at bay...I had the acid reflux and wound up havng Lyme Disease...just a thought... ... (20 replies)
... but he was concerned my lymph nodes were so swollen.. hes put me on allergy tablets in case its an allergy and antibiotics in case its an infection!!.. ... (5 replies)
... on with the prevacid, befre my lymph nodes swelled, but i don't think i had used them in quite a while when they swelled. i think it had been months since i last used them. i'm not sure though. ... (42 replies)
... Just pain or swollen lymph nodes too? ... (42 replies)
... sure my lymph nodes are cuased by my acid reflux, but i really don't know. the doc is also checking my heart to see if it could be a cause. ... (42 replies)
... yes the scan was of my neck. it said they weren't big enough to be cancerous. but, what i read about larnyx cancer and how it spreads to those nearby lymph nodes is that the nodes can be of any size. i think the size thing is more related to lymphoma and stuff. ... (42 replies)
... May I ask a stupid question, what does lympnode has anything to do with acid reflux? ... (20 replies)

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