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... to Mucus in the throat. ... (8 replies)
... How long should I be on the Prevacid before maybe the sinus mucus will go away? ... (3 replies)
... oh and I forgot to mention that I've been having mucus running down the back of my throat (post nasal drip) that isnt helping my swallowing problem either. (14 replies)

... With that quantity of beer you are probably suffering from Acid Reflux. ... (3 replies)
... Hi,mom2c&j, Just to let you know. I have found the latest update. It's on the Acid Reflux/Gerd board, titled "So anxious and worried update" page 4. Solofelix. (19 replies)
... nternet. It is certainly better than my explanation! AH AH AH! But if I may say, you do needed. Just assume you have candida and leaky guy! I am not joking! LPR, Acid reflux, food allergies, sore throat and all the other symptoms are just consequences of these two basic issues. ... (9 replies)
... I am really curious if severe acid reflux disease, after a number of years can turn to LPR. ... (9 replies)
... Well, it's a infection for sure. In fact I believe it was what was affecting my bp and pulse. Then taking the PPI's and H2's that also affect my pulse rate was what really made me so sick. I took a sudafed today I was draining so bad in my throat I am waiting for the fall out from that. My body just cannot take drugs I have such side effects, (protonix worked so well but I... (38 replies)
... Actually, I did go to the ER but they did not know what it was or where it was coming from just ruled out pulmonary embolism said I had GERD and needed to get scoped. Gave me a antibiotic but I still see it after 7 days therapy. Dee (38 replies)
... The yellow mucus is ok. It's bad when it turns a greenish color. That would be an infection. If you are that nervous, maybe you should go to the ER to be checked. ... (38 replies)
... sure ad pulse get high and pound. I have chills and sweats, no fever. I am scared I am going to have a heart attack. I had the blood in mouth again and yellow mucus when I cough like its coming from my head. ... (38 replies)
... That's correct. They are primarily meant to break down protein. Since mucus consists of proteins they break it down pretty quickly. But don't ever use it or you'll make whatever throat problems you have worse. ... (91 replies)
... pills water my own mucus ... ... (91 replies)
... Hi Seeking Sunrise, Your case sounds very similar to mine. Last February I suffered two severe colds within a three week period. After the second cold, the cough lasted for nearly three weeks. Since then, I've had serious problems with my voice box - globus, excessive throat clearing, chronic throat irritation, painful speaking, and pain in my pharynx. An ENT... (91 replies)
... hat if I have cancer" all this nausea must be a sign. I drove my doctor insane asking the cancer question. Anyway, I saw a allergist because I kept getting mucus in the throat and found out I was only allergic to dogs which freaked me out because I have two dogs and I am not getting rid of them. ... (8 replies)
... All I can say is that you are not suffering alone. I am in the battle with you. I am sooo frustrated right now. I am on Prevacid and I still have the non stop mucus. My throat is swollen and tight and it is a constant reminder that I have a problem going on. Grrrrh! Yes, it's gets me down mentally. Just try to find people you can talk to on here and try to keep your chin up.... (5 replies)
... Thanks Char! I appreciate you writing back to me. I am afraid my cheating has cost me dearly. It is nearly 2 am and I am not going to bed yet. I have mucus just going like crazy. The alfredo, salad with dressing and a little tiny bit of white chocolate cheesecake just has created this monster for hours. ... (70 replies)
... ome gentille57. There are plenty of us suffering. Thanks for your imput. It can be debillitating that is for sure. I am really going through the wringer with the mucus thing. I just can't get it all cleared up. I don't know if this will go on forever or not. But I am going to get the endoscopy done and all the tests. ... (70 replies)
... The "yucky" taste in your throat is a common symptom of acid reflux. Usually it's described as a sour or bitter taste and is caused by stomach contents getting regurgitated into the throat. ... (13 replies)
... out of whack. I have lost a lot of hearing and my sense of smell. No Dr. can really tell me why. I'm sure the condition my teeth got in probably was from the acid reflux. Just trying to find a reason for all these symptoms that never go away. ... (7 replies)

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