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... I still wake up with a sore throat and then it goes away but comes back later in the day, but I don't know if it's because of the acid reflux or if it can be sinus since I feel mucus or something in the back of my throat in the morning and a runny nose when I sneeze in the morning. ... (68 replies)
... I went to an ENT because of the same thing, sore throat, feel lump, hair in my throat, mucus, etc. He looked down with that instrument and saw acid and put me on Protonix. Now 5 years later, the Protonix is not working, my vocal cords are inflammed, and I am producing more acid. ... (5 replies)
Mucus in throat-
Oct 1, 2018
... When mine acid reflux is at it's worst I get the mucus ball in my throat. I have it real bad right now. I've got to watch my diet super close right now to get this cleared up. ... (15 replies)

Mucus in throat-
Mar 20, 2018
... I have been having a feeling like a mucus bubble in my throat that I just can't seem to clear. I feel like I am drowning sometimes. I do have acid reflux and I take a liquid antacid, doesn't help much. Does anyone know anything I could try to get some relief? ... (15 replies)
... ibiotics and sinus rinse for 2 weeks. After that the symptoms did not vanish either. I still had post nasal drip, sour throat, caughing after the meals and stick mucus in my throat which stuck on my throat and affected my voice. ... (1 replies)
... I get this quite often particularly after a cold. As I also get AR and have been on Nexium I know how you feel. However I think a lot of it is Mucus/Catarrh caused by Post Nasal Drip and for me I have found SUDAFED to be very helpful for loosening this thick Mucus. You can buy it in tab form or a flavoured liquid form which is how I take it. Hope this helps and good luck,... (8 replies)
... Think my problems is more acid reflux. Went back 8 weeks later after starting on these, and vocal cords were a bit better, went back a year later and much much better. ... (19 replies)
... depressing. Constant very thick mucus in throat that seems more from stomach than nasal.. ... (19 replies)
... Yea the number one thing that i hate is all the mucus in my throat. It effects the way that I talk which is very bothersome. ... (17 replies)
... I've found drinking apple cider vinegar and active manuka honey in hot water 1/2 hour before meals seems to help with that awful phlegm. That means more waiting because I have to wait at least an hour after taking the PP1 (both morning and evening) before I can drink it, but it has really helped so it's been worth the wait. :) (17 replies)
... I have terrible post nasal drip, stuffy nose, etc, along with the acid reflux. Antihistamines make me too sleepy. I take Nexium 2x day, but it doesn't help the drainage. ... (17 replies)
... HI again ladies! I hope you are having a great day. The mucus thing usually isn't involved with the low thyroid. I have had the low thyroid for 5 years about and the mucus thing only started a year ago. ... (30 replies)
... t. I woke up this morn with horrible headache and sinus pressure. Last night, I finally just had to do saline rinses over and over to try and get all the thick mucus out. A bit hoarse today and sure all the hacking, clearing my throat stuff is the cause. Oh! ... (70 replies)
... The mucus is back! UGH! My throat feels terriable today, I am constantly clearing it. I have no other symptoms but the gunk and clearing. ... (7 replies)
... everyone says to drink a lot of water! All the doctors say the same thing...a lot of water..half your body weight in onces a will supposedly help rid the mucus and wash down the acid reflux. I am trying but its nauseating to drink so much. ... (3 replies)
... Yes I have I’ve had hundreds of blood tests for various things over the years and they’ve all come back normal. That’s the frustrating bit because I “look” relatively healthy doctors have accused me of having it all in my head and basically just fob me off. Mine is pretty severe is one huge throbbing headache that won’t go away for the rest of the day. ... (6 replies)
... The mucus bit for me is also worse in the morning and I always thought it was probably from my snoring and sucking junk into my lungs all night. ... (6 replies)
... Sore and irritated feeling in throat which makes me want to cough. Lots of excess watery throat mucus that needs to be spit out regularly, often burping up burning mucus, can burp at will. ... (4 replies)
... Yes absolutely! There are all kinds of symptoms I get with it. Those are both something I deal with. I can get sore in the sternum area. I get mucus in my throat and nose, that is part of silent reflux. My chest feels tight and breathing is a little more labored, not free and easy. ... (4 replies)
... I have came across costochondtitis and actually suggested this to my gp who said yes its possible after my chest infection but just said to take ibuprofen. Does Costo tend to linger and is it quite common with gerd? I do worry its something more but my gp doesn't think it is. I'm suffering with anxiety too and ATM have awful sore and tight neck. Does anyone else have anxiety... (29 replies)

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