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... I think my boyfriend has pretty severe GERD and I was hoping to get some advice. ... (0 replies)
Reglan anyone?
Mar 9, 2005
... For the last couple of weeks my stomach has been hurting at well as the acid reflux being bad. ... (5 replies)
... When I've eaten anything hot or cold for the last week I end up with either my chest aching, back aching or both. Usually these spells last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. ... (2 replies)

... r problems. I figured it was because I worried myself to death, or sickness...whichever comes first. Now I'm thinking maybe the Aciphex was starting to fail me back then. At the same time, my insurance wanted a cheaper alternative to Aciphex so my doctor said Omeprazole would be OK. So I worried about this. ... (110 replies)
... Most people with LPR don't list heartburn as a symptom, which is why it can often be hard to get a diagnosis of acid reflux because so many doctors only associate acid reflux with heartburn. ... (7 replies)
... at the 2x dosage will take care of the burning throat. The burning feeling is caused by the acid going all the way up your esophagous and hitting your larynx. ... (3 replies)
... About a month ago, I started feeling a mild, dull pain under my liver. Some days it was there and some days it wasn't. After a couple weeks, I felt the pain shift towards the center of my torso, and felt tender to the touch. I purchased some milk thistle because I read online that may help. ... (4 replies)
... I have constant central chest pain which is not relieved by nitroglycerin or omeprazole. ... (1 replies)
... Contrast CT scan of my small bowel, it was determined I had a small bowel obstruction and my system was trying to resolve the problem by pushing contents back into my stomach.. yuk! ... (19 replies)
... it could be causing the pain. i was on iv protonix and in severe pain the whole time. when i stopped taking it, the pain went away. but its back now.....sigh. i do think acid meds can increase pain. ... (6 replies)
... For the past 3 months I have been experiencing severe GERD and upper abdominal pain. I have also been feeling dull pain in my back and under my right ribs. This all came extremely sudden, and has been getting progressively worse. ... (5 replies)
... Am assuming it's stomach related but the heartache, obvious reflex pain in the middle is much less of an issue at the moment. ... (11 replies)
Losec 20mg - 40mg
Jul 14, 2007
... rt lol.So anyways i have been getting worst with acid reflux cause of the pain killers I am taking like dilaudid 6mg and Hydromorph Contin 24mg,and all the other pain killers I had been taking for a severe sprained back and 2 herniated disks. ... (2 replies)
... I'm glad all your heart tests came back fine but you should do more research to see if something is going on. ... (2 replies)
... I had a bout of 'inflammed' stomach about three years ago, it was left undiagnosed but I was given omeprazole which eventually cleared it up. I was having acid reflux, stomach pains, burping, bloating and a burning sensation. Since then I would have the odd bout of heartburn but managed it with antacids. ... (5 replies)
Feb 28, 2006
... so that could be part of the mucus that comes with it. I also get the chest pain and rib pain. The left shoulder is a bit sore too. ... (4 replies)
... The chest tightness seems to also bring with it a shortness of breath. It's not really the kind of severe shortness of breath that would lead me to run to the hospital, but it is a feeling like I can't get quite enough oxygen in my lungs. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone, new here and this is my first post. I'll start by giving you some back ground. Started having more heartburn the beginning of the year due to a lot of stress and anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... probably due to my anxiety. He stretched my esophagus and increased my PPI's. all was well until about Nov. when I began having terrible burning throat pain. The pain spread from my throat into my stomach, with a banding pain all the way around my midsection and between my shoulder blades. ... (7 replies)
... ty to the original poster ! i to have gluten allergies self diagnosed over the last few weeks. i have had severe migraines since 15, i am now 38. never got any relief. suffered most of them out with no meds as most meds didnt help any how. ... (10 replies)

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