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... I was like that with certain vegetables, I however unwillingly ate them initially out of wanting not to be bad mannered when my wife used them in her cooking. I'm no expert on this, but maybe it's a viscous circle where you need to eat vegetables to get better, but you won't eat vegetables as you're not better. Maybe one way to overcome is to take supplements instead e.g.... (6 replies)
... I have not had the numbness issue but I do have strange "sensations" at times with my tongue. For example, if the back of my tongue touches the back part of the roof of my mouth, it seems to trigger something in my throat. I am rarely able to eat steak, pork or anything like that. If I do venture away from the mashed potatoes/ice cream/yogurt, it's usually for something... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. Interesting that it helped your Candida. I will read up on ACV and will more than likely give it a try. I have a juicer and enjoy taking raw vegetables that way as I cannot digest them otherwise. I would recommend juicing to people with a delicate stomach as its a good way to get your vitamins. Solofelix. (10 replies)

... n pill form, but they are from a health food store that sells all organic foods. they are called Digest Gold. You probably can get them at any place that sells vitamins or health food products. they are all natural, not medicine. ... (13 replies)
... My iron levels are low and I always show to be anemic. No reason since I'm post menopausal. I know the PPI's deplete B12 vitamins. Charla (19 replies)
... I think alo vera juice helps me with my LPR. I should drink it every day but seem to start "hitting the bottle" when I have a bad flare. It coats my vocal cords and doesn't taste that bad to me since all the GERD/LPR has damaged my sense of taste and smell. I believe you can mix the juice with Tang or something else if the taste is that bad for you. I've always heard that... (7 replies)
... I can't take any vitamin, I can however take Viactive and I drink Emer gen C and it doesn't bother me. I stopped my actonel for a month and my acid reflux didn't get any better so I went back on it, are you sure actonel is a problem? ... (8 replies)
... ur own, nor through any one else's fault. Their are weird feeback loop cycles. For instance, I also found that Lunesta, the sleep drug, really created horrible acid reflux, but oddly, Ambien did not. Who could have guessed that? ... (5 replies)
... So one day I suddenly get acid reflux. True, my family has a history of painful, even fatal GERD. So I was super worried. ... (5 replies)
... I didn't understand the role acid play in my symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... have break throughs of heartburn here and there through the day. The Zantac does not work nearly as well as the Aciphex, which I guess means I have more stomach acid and hope the calcium I am taking is being absorbed better and ending in my bones rather than excreted through my urine. ... (110 replies)
Toprol XL
Jul 31, 2009
... You would be suprised what meds and vitamins you can be taking that start acid reflux. My vitamins are causing this. I went off the vitamins for awhile and the reflux went away. Then I started the vitamins and walla the acid reflux is back. Now I need to take my Prevacid again. Grrrrh! I am upset about this. ... (5 replies)
I need help.
Jun 12, 2012
... was acid reflux, but I also have gallstones with intermittent pain for the past year, and longstanding anxiety and depression. I was motivated to get off the acid blockers because they made my emotional state much worse. ... (32 replies)
... My Reflux normally is worse when I have recovered from being ill. ... (2 replies)
... Purchase Dr. Jamie Koufman's book on eating a low acid diet. She includes information about how low acid foods like apples and bananas can cause reflux. ... (6 replies)
... herefore, I have now switched that first dose to lunch or eat a bit more in the morning if I take my pills in the morning. I have not had heartburn if I take the vitamins with a heftier meal, i.e., lunch or dinner. ... (110 replies)
... I have another question ... IF I MAY ?? ... What's ur diet like ?? I have been eating REALLY well since all this has happened and I have stopped ALL VITAMINS, SUPPLEMENTS (EXCEPT FOR THE CHLOROPHYLLE, 1 TEASPOON EVERY MORNING WITH A GLASS OF WATER) until I see a naturopath ... This is an example of my DAILY MEALS at the time being BREAKFAST : 1/4 cup OATMEAL cooked... (25 replies)
... Hi All. Well, I wish I had better news to report. Tomorrow I will have been off the Protonix for 4 weeks. I am convinced that this is Acid Rebound as I did not reflux or have heartburn on the simplest things in the past. ... (39 replies)
... ombination Diet. Someone lent me the 'Great Taste, No Pain' book and from the very first day my symptoms were relieved. It is a miracle diet , in my opinion for acid reflux sufferers and anyone with digestive problems. Together with this I drink a cup of 'Traditional Medicine' Organic Chamomile tea everyday. ... (25 replies)
So depressed.
Dec 20, 2012
... My understanding is that acid reflux can be caused by low acid OR high acid. It helps to figure out which one you have. People with low acid can be helped sometimes with enzymes or other supplements. Enzymes will make things worse if you have high acid. ... (22 replies)

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