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... I am going through something very similar and I'm at my wits' end. I had a bad bout of bronchitis in April (actually started a month earlier and had to do 2 rounds of antibiotics and a course of steroids). The lungs took a long time to feel pretty much normal again, but after having the bronchitis, I developed throat problems. Minor irritation, dryness, scratchy.... (2 replies)
... The chest x-ray was actually before I had the endoscopy. Ordered it because I was complaining of chest pain. He also thought he heard some wheezing, but he thought it was coming more from my esophagus rather than my lungs. (30 replies)
... My treatment plan for now consists of taking the Vit D, Kapidex(which I may soon change to something else due to side-effects), Voice therapy, dietary changes(low carb seems to help some). Right now the Kapidex dosage is 30mg, which did help some, but even on that dosage the side effects are becoming too much. So I'm on the hunt for more options. Michelle (10 replies)

... What treatments are you getting for your acid reflux? ... (10 replies)
... I also saw a Top ENT Specialist who told me that I had a lot of swelling around the top of my esophagus, and that my Acid reflux was still very much active. He said that sensation of my throat closing and difficulty breathing was coming from that swelling. ... (10 replies)
... I have had breathing and coughing problems for a minimum of 2 years now and going from Dr. to Dr. to try to get some definite diagnosis and treatment. Thank goodness a new pulmonologist performed a bronchosopy on me recently, he found I had trachea stenosis. This caused shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Very similiar symptoms to asthma. I hope I can share my... (20 replies)
Jan 26, 2005
... I was diagnosed with acid reflux in 97, I do not suffer hearbearn, mine is always upset stomach but in the last couple of years lots of chest pain. Was told by a Dr. ... (8 replies)
May 26, 2010
... The first time I was diagnosed with reflux three years ago, it was due to ENT symptoms. I was experiencing wheezing, clogged ears and a sore throat. ... (8 replies)
Dec 2, 2005
... I was just wondering about this endoscopy procedure. I suppose I need one, because I've been having heartburn for years, and acid reflux for the past few years, off and on. ... (15 replies)
... y. I went to an ENT and he said i probably have acid reflux and gave me prilosec to take once a day, 1 hour before dinner. I've been on it for about a week and a half and feel no change whatsoever. ... (21 replies)
Anybody have this?
Aug 27, 2006
... e acid reflux and i get the wheezing all the asthma symptoms shortness of breath theres times i feel like i cant breath just found out from the doctor that it is acid reflux because for awhile i thought i had acid reflux and asthma. ... (3 replies)
Mar 8, 2010
... If you have acid reflux going into your mouth at night when you are asleep, it is possible the acid is irritating your gums. ... (2 replies)
... Some of my allergic reactions were caused by acid reflux. ... (17 replies)
... have been having those for years, before the GERD. But, I definitely notice that they really increase if I'm having any kind of digestive upset, especially the acid reflux. The only thing that seems to help is some Pepcid and lots of water. ... (5 replies)
... I was diagnosed around 3 years ago with acid reflux... ... (18 replies)
... or it could be caused by acid reflux. ... (6 replies)
... he said I have asthma so he gave me an inhaler to use. That was last week, this week he told me it might not be asthma after all, it might be due to acid reflux. ... (6 replies)
... I've suffered with acid reflux for 28 yrs. I have tried OTC meds, only worked for awhile, tried RX worked for awhile. Was on Nexium for 3 mo. ... (8 replies)
Anybody have this?
Aug 27, 2006
... Hi all, I have been here before and posted of the same thing! I have had this acid issue for 2 years that I have noticed now. It started with food actually coming back into my mouth and nose at night and it woke me up, it was gross! ... (3 replies)
... work for acid reflux? ... (102 replies)

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