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... If I do physical activity afterwards that does make me short of breath. I gues what i'm rambling on about is have any of you ever had this problem and did the ACV help? ... (102 replies)
... This is day 6 on the ACV and while I think it helps a little it doesn't get rid of my gerd completely. I've still taken my prilosec. I desperately want to get off that. ... (102 replies)
... Yes, that was my main problem. At night I would wake up with this awful reflux and the need to clear my throat. I just started taking this Bragg ACV this past two weeks and I have not had a serious or in fact any reflux at night. I am in the experiment time right now. ... (102 replies)

... I started on the ACV yesterday and had no problems at all. Had another dose this morning. Then today I started having some gerd flare ups and so I took another dose of the ACV. ... (102 replies)
... So glad you can use the grocery store kind. I tried it and it burnt going down. I have taken ACV only a couple of times this past few days and I can't believe the relief I have had. ... (102 replies)
... n't think it is a bad thing to take on a daily basis anyway. Good luck if you try it but I can't stress enough you must find the Raw Apple cider vinegar not the ACV you find in grocery stores. ... (102 replies)
... small ulcers in my esophagus. I experience uncomfortable swallowing, chest burning and pain, and cough up mucous daily. I was so hoping this may be my miracle cure because I'm against taking medicaiton for this problem. I've focused on diet which helps some but not enough. I'm concerned about the burning RACV caused. ... (102 replies)
... You can buy ACV at any grocery store. ... (7 replies) Confused
Dec 4, 2006
... Maybe it does work for them; and it DOESN'T work for lots of other people - you are NOT the only 1! I didn't say lots of people aren't themselves testifying (for the time being) that such&such does them great, without interest in profit themselves. But many are drawn in by profiteers who claim this or that is a cure for everything (and from there the word spreads - word of... (6 replies) Confused
Dec 4, 2006
... Thanks for telling your (negative) story. This is exactly why you have to worry about all these so-called "natural" aides (they are NOT cures at all, any more than any of our other GERD meds are; a cure would actually FIX the problem, not just nurse it). There is no research on them and if there was solid evidence, doctors would be flocking to it. And such an... (6 replies)
... ay my dad told me about this along time ago and I thought it was silly. So after sitting here suffering with gerd even after my prevacid I remembered I had some acv in cupboard I just took a giant swig off of it and it seemed to work pretty good. Who was I to question my dad father knows best. ... (102 replies)
... I tried the ACV but it made my symptoms worse...I guess everyone is different as far as what to eat, and drink....It is trial and error.... ... (102 replies)
... Just guessing here, but it sure made a difference when I drank it and ate pizza. Dilute it, one part ACV and 3 parts water. Good luck! ... (102 replies)
... HI Guys its actually ajas here who started this thread, been out of contact for awhile.... Glad that some of you have found relief, vinegar is also good for gout, recommended my friend to it and he has had great results. I still just glug down in the morning acv, also mix it with honey. my sister drinks water with lemons in it, after her cancer, and chemo, the naturapath... (102 replies)
... thanks for the info guys. I was wondering does the prevacid solutab come over the counter. I think I will try the ACV pills. ... (102 replies)
... Yes, the ACV in the beginning burned on the way down. I took two teaspoons with some water and honey before each meal and it worled for me. ... (102 replies)
... y good for you, especially long term. We eat so much garbage, it's no wonder that our systems are all out of whack. Anyway, I had pizza tonight, so I drank the ACV just prior to it. No reflux. Amazing. ... (102 replies)
... Nancy, when I was on Prilosec, yes the burning pain stopped and there was relief for me. However, there was this sharp shooting pain I experienced after some time on it. It wasn't "painful" but was there most of the time, more bothersome. Since taking ACV, I no longer have that pain and the burning pain is subsiding. I am hopeful in another week, I will have my GERD under... (102 replies)
... I have taken the store bought ACV and it made things worse! How is the organic one different? ... (102 replies)
... Hi i bought the ACV pills i will try them because i have really bad acid reflux. ... (102 replies)

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