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... Can I take antacids with ACV??? I normally take a boatload of antacids before I goto sleep. (102 replies)
... Does the Apple Cider Vinegar help for nighttime reflux? anyone with LPR try the ACV? do you get a burning sensation in your throat as it goes down? (102 replies)
... Doing good on the ACV. No more acid reflux - Just cannot believe it :) Hope lots of people find these posts and try this RACV. BTW - I tried cigs when I was thirteen and it made my friend and I nauseous and from that day on I decided never to smoke. My parents and 5 siblings smoked. Just one brother and I never took it up. I lived in London and thought I love... (102 replies)

... nd has not complained about his heartburn so I need to ask him how it worked. Forgot to!!!! I think it does the job. Haven't had any today but will take some ACV tonight before going to bed. Had some chocolate so that might start it up so will take some as a precaution. Talk to you later. ... (102 replies)
... Hi guys I was just wondering, are you still taking PPIs or did you stop taking them after you took ACV? Please let me know. Thanks. (102 replies)
... nd I have been taking 1 tsp. in 4oz water just before eating and when I forget, just after eating. It has worked great and I am so relieved. I tried the regular ACV and it did nothing but burn me. ... (102 replies)
... Funny because I was about to use Apple Cider Vinegar for my skin acne problem. I got the idea from another board. It appears that ACV is a good remedy for alot of things. I will buy some today. ... (102 replies)
... Another poster here reminded me about ACV about two weeks ago, and suggested I try it again. I began taking ACV about a week and a half ago three times a day. ... (113 replies)
... I have caustic burns from ACV taken in March. ... (29 replies)
... Never mind it's bogus. If it really worked, there would be alot less posting on here and more taking ACV and being happy. ... (24 replies)
... s so different. I was so energize and never felt those GERD symptoms around me. It was my best day! The only problem was the smell of my perspiration is like the ACV that I'm taking and I sweat more than before. That's okay. I would better have it than suffer GERD for the rest of my life. ... (20 replies)
... have any of you tried ACV apple cider vinegar...its alkaline to the body. Kevin Trudeau's book What Doctors don't want You To Know, might help with info... ... (9 replies)
... Rosebloom - I began with one tsp. in a tall glass of juice - I happen to like white cranberry/peach - it is very mild and the added raw apple cider vinegar makes it a bit tart - sort of like a sweet tart - except - it is good for you. I drink it in the morning with my yogurt and again at noon with my meal. I try not to drink it at night, as it gives me energy - (a bonus for... (19 replies)
... Are you suggesting that these measures will cure acid reflux? ... (14 replies)
... Anything that helps digestion and keeps food moving probably helps GERD. I think Magnesium does that, but I don't think it is a cure for GERD. I take it daily and still experience heartburn when I drink coffee or red wine or some days just because, unfortunately. ... (20 replies)
... I still use DGL to soothe my throat and Zantac as needed. It has been hard for me to stay on the ACV faithfully. It just does not taste good and it has not been the miracle cure for me either. ... (113 replies)
... There is no miracle cure and probably no cure, but a series of lifestyle changes that make living with this disorder more tolerable, even without the use of PPI's. ... (113 replies)
... and the suggestions of ACV and all the usual stuff are not cures, either. They don't stop the problem altogether when you have to keep taking it. ... (17 replies)
... Prilosec, Nexium and every other Heartburn medication only releaves the symptons temp. They do not and will not CURE anything. these drugs were created to make money and keep you on them for your lifetime. ... (17 replies)
... I used to experience acid reflux but not so sever as some of you but I found a cure and no longer have to take over the counter medication. ... (9 replies)

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