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Reflux Larangitis
Oct 27, 2018
... Hello! I am dealing with this very thing right now. I do have laryngitis from my acid reflux. I am a singer and it makes that even worse. I am constantly raspy from clearing my throat all the time. ... (4 replies)
... Hello! I hope you are feeling better! I have the same thing. Right now I have acid reflux, post nasal drip, allergies and menopause and its frustrating knowing how to treat it all. I am just doing the best that I can. ... (7 replies)
... allergies causing Acid reflux ? ... (9 replies)

Acid reflux
Jun 25, 2010
... any allergies, whether it's hay fever or breaking out in hives from shellfish. I personally do not believe in "subtle" food allergies, I believe that true food allergies almost always produce clear symptoms such as swollen lips or hives. ... (5 replies)
... Around 4 months ago, I had a meal that made me feel extremely sick. I vomited and this made my throat burn, which I had never experienced before after vomiting. ... (5 replies)
... I'm going to see an allergy specialist on Thursday and will have allergy tests. Hopefully something good will come out of this visit. ... (9 replies)
... I'm wondering what triggers others out there have for reflux attacks? ... (9 replies)
... Hello. I have been suffering this for almost 2months now. Will this end? How long? What did you do to stop this. Really painful in the chest forever due to reflux. Thank you for your reply (30 replies)
... I had never had pain like that in my life! I also had indigestion and I'd pop a tum and it would go away. I was never so scared when that pain first hit me. Thanks, and I hope everyone has a good day today too!! ... (30 replies)
... Hello MLB65, You have described my symptoms to a tee!! It has been over a year now with this going on and off for me. Last year this time, the mucus and tight chest started for me. I thought I was getting asthma. It really scared me. I took a puff of a family members inhaler, but it didn't do much for me. ... (30 replies)
... allergies, asthma, PND and acid reflux. I developed severe acid reflux years ago. It went undiagnosed for a while because my symptom was a constant chronic cough. ... (7 replies)
... I have asthma, allergies and acid reflux and when things flare up, even my doctors can't tell what the trigger is most of the time. ... (3 replies)
... ok for about 2 months now I noticed a change in my voice...the way I sound and I was getting really concerned and worried about it.....and wondered what it was...I didn't like the way my voice changed or sounded so I stopped talking 2 people as much... ... (19 replies)
... allergy with esophagitis and gastritis and acid reflux. ... (2 replies)
... had a pharmacist I knew well and trusted like a family friend that wasn't just trying to make money so I could ask if it was due to side effects of drugs or drugs making your problems worse. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there! Sorry you are suffering and I hope the surgery is helping you. I have relfux and allergies and they go hand in hand. I have food and environmental allergies. With the drainage from that it can kick up my reflux and the reflux can make my nose run. ... (2 replies)
... Same here! I have bad allergies this time of year and my reflux is acting up right now. I think there is a definate corrilation between the two. I am trying all kinds of things to get them both under control. ... (9 replies)
... irritated. I also burp alot. Some days are better than others. Some are miserable. My doc said it could be allergies or acid reflux. He recommended Pepcid and stay away from acid foods. I'm surprised this came out of nowhere so suddenly. And worry about permanent damage. ... (13 replies)
... Thanks for your replies everyone! I just got back from a nice music vacation to Nashville. I am feeling much better and happier. I am however dealing with terriable allergies and that also has triggered the reflux. I am on all kinds of meds trying to dry up the gunk. ... (14 replies)
... and said, yeh, its probably just viral.Come April of this year, i was sick and tired of geting sore throats but NOT feeling sick. I can breathe fine, no yellow mucus, no fever, etc etc, JUST SORE THROAT. ... (1 replies)

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