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... Marigold... I have been taking a teaspoon of organic honey.. I melt it and let it slide down my throat and I also have been drinking 2 oz's of Organic Aloe Vera Juice (Lily of the Field ..whole Leaf)...both aid in the healing of my ulcerated esophagus. I am on Omeprazole to help with the reduction of stomach acids. I quit coffee, pop, spicy foods and try to eat smaller... (37 replies)
... s with cottage cheese, soups, mashed potatoes, cooked or steamed veggies, small and I mean small pieces of fish, meat, poultry. I also started drinking 2 oz. of aloe vera juice twice a day. Tea with honey... these two helped cure and heal my irritated and inflamed esophagus. ... (37 replies)
... I started taking 2 oz of aloe vera juice.. ... (37 replies)

... Do you do the aloe vera juice or some other more natural remedy? ... (18 replies)
... on all night. I know it's hard on my husband too. Lucky for me he's the best guy in the world. Thinking about trying the aloe vera juice. Does anyone know if you should get off the PPI's when you start trying natural things like that? ... (18 replies)
Acid Reflux Diet
Jun 14, 2009
... So is the Aloe Vera Juice helping? ... (4 replies)
... managed to collate a list of possible natural treatments for me to try out. Thought I'd post it here in case someone else also finds it useful. Dygestive Enzymes Probiotics Vitamin B (B2,B3,B6) Raw Honey: 2 Table Spoons in the morning and 2 at bed time Aloe Vera Juice Calcium and Magnesium Apples Apple Cider Vinigar (13 replies)
... Does this stuff really work for acid reflux? ... (2 replies)
... I have a question about the aloe vera juice my main sympton among others is the breathing problem from this. Has anyone had help with that? ... (7 replies)
... grind it and use that every day. I'll try the husks mixed with aloe vera juice. Are they sold in the grocery store, or a pharmacy? ... (14 replies)
... I'll check with the health food store about the aloe vera juice. Can it be mixed with water? ... (14 replies)
... e back and forth because they seem to stop working for awhile. Actually, I'm not sure they are working at all on me! It's very frustrating. I've been drinking aloe vera juice to coat my vocal cords and recently started another new all natural product. Might as well try this one too! ... (1 replies)
... pills slowly melt in my mouth. Another thing I have tried is slippery elm lozenges or honey hard candy. Any of those will help coat irritated tissues for me. The aloe vera juice works fine, but I would have to drink a lot of it and it gives me the runs. I used to take Gaviscon at night to keep the stomach contents in there. ... (113 replies)
Acid is killing me
Aug 17, 2010
... Well I am new at this, as I had no idea that I had acid problem that was being confused with bad allergy and asthma...they now say, no asthma...I do have allergies though... ... (7 replies)
... I have read numerous posts about GERD, heartburn and acid reflux. In my opinion its all of the same. I have replied to a few posts but im going to post it again in here later on. ... (17 replies)
... Here is what I next did. I looked up my acid stomach problems and went to a health store. Everyone is different. ... (4 replies)
... Nice. I tried Aloe Vera Juice from the corner store. It seems like it made it worst. Maybe the citric acid in it? ... (9 replies)
Going drug free
Jun 29, 2010
... If you read any of the paperwork that comes with Acid Reflux medication you will see that the course of treatment is meant for 4 to 8 weeks. With an additional 4 to 8 week treatment if you do not respond to the first one. ... (0 replies)
... These will all help with your IBS, but will not be enough if, as in all likelihood, its associated with a stomach acid issue. The gas, bloating, and soft stool can all be connected with acid production. ... (7 replies)
... ry to drone on so much, but I am so frustrated, angry, enraged, and depressed about this! To cut to the chase, I finally added it all together and realized I had acid reflux. At that time, it was just the symptoms at night and no heartburn. ... (26 replies)

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