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... There is a very DEFINITE RELATION between stress and reflux. ... (11 replies)
... All those medications for acid reflux do is numb one for a short time. I speak from experience. I was diagnosed with acid reflux some time ago and the dr. told me to take one Prevacid, which I did. Some time later, I had to go back to him to tell him it was not working. Of course, he told me to take two. ... (4 replies)
Aloe Vera
Nov 8, 2009
... I have gastritis, acid reflux for 15 years. It started with lots of acid in my stomach...then I have GERD, but no burning sensation. I had little sour, bitter taste. No pain. recently, I had minor stomach irritation. ... (1 replies)

... Please do me a favor and go buy yourself some aloe vera and take a sip three times a day. It works much better than any drug and I speak from experience. I was on one prescribed pill for acid reflux and when that stopped working, the dr. told me to take two. ... (11 replies)
... I am no doctor, but can tell you that I am on strong medications and take aloe vera pills and they are GREAT for acid reflux. I threw the medication that the dr. prescribed for my acid reflux out long along because it only worked for a short time. ... (2 replies)
... Someone else a while back told me she took aloe vera and it worked for her. You just reminded me of that. ... (21 replies)
... Before you even consider surgery, please try aloe vera. I was on Prevacid for some time and only took one. When that stopped working, I went back to the doctor and he told me to take two. With that, I scratched my head and asked myself why the drug would not work. ... (29 replies)
... bytes. I've read that long term usage of Aloe Vera could be harmful. Although, same goes for PPIs, so who knows! ... (12 replies)
... Have you tried taking pure aloe vera of any sort? ... (11 replies)
... that is what I experienced with on Prevacid, if you have not read it. It worked for some time and then stopped. Went back to the dr and he told me to take one more and that was a red flag to me that the medication was a money maker for the drug company and the dr. ... (24 replies)
... Try taking some aloe vera. It is a healing plant and does wonders. I had horrible acid reflux, was on a pill, which after a time did not work, so I went back to the gastro man and he told me to take two. ... (21 replies)
... To my knowledge, and I am not doctor, water should make it better. I had a touch of reflux just come back and I went to a acupuncturist this morning and she improved it so much that I could have a nice ice blended coffee drink. Aloe vera helps VERY much. Are you eating too many raw vegetables? ... (8 replies)
... Something that is great to try is Aloe Vera, very natural and is soothing and cool to the stomach. It also helps with ulcers and gallstones. ... (12 replies)
... Aloe vera helped me with all of this. Was on medication, years ago and it only worked for so long. When it stopped, I went back to the gastro man and he told me to take one more of the same medication, which told me it was only a bandaid. ... (24 replies)
... finally someone who is suffering from what i am. I had swine flu that went into a chest infection three months ago and ever since i have had acid reflux problems i cant eat anything but small amounts of the blandest of food and my stomacjs like a washing machine. ... (4 replies)
... Try Digestinol for acid reflux. Look it up on the Internet. It is strong aloe vera and does wonders. I used to be on two Prevacid a day and saw NO relief. Now I am SOOOO much better. ... (12 replies)
... I cannot give you a definite answer to that because it was quite a few years ago and my acid reflux had gotten TERRIBLE. ... (7 replies)
... July 2010 I noticed a slight lump just below my lower right rib. It moves and it doesnt necesarily hurt. I was obviously alarmed. I am 6' 210 lbs and lift weights 6 days a week for the past 24 years. I could eat whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted and never had a problem. Never took medicines of any kind. ... (7 replies)
... Formula. I think you are the second poster who has written about using it with success in combination with other remedies. I had another pretty decent day today and I even went off the diet a bit and had a little bit of a soda with no heartburn. ... (113 replies)
... mag, and Ulcetrol by Now Foods. And my gastritis and acid reflux is looking better these days. Of course eating a healthy diet! ... (113 replies)

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