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... My doctor gave me lexapro for my aniexty but I didnt take it because I dont think its the right thing for me. I am having a pretty good weeks this week. I havent really had any bad episodes. ... (4 replies)
... est, I finally found one that actually took an xray and guided me to go to physio....everything with that is perfectly normal almost now. I did have a series of aniexty attacks from it though....not getting better, being fusterated with doctors and whatnots and ever since then, it seems I have symptoms of GERD. ... (0 replies)
... indigestion I still think something is wrong with my heart. Thats why I am on Lexarpo for my aniexty. Which is working great for me. I suggest if you suffer from aniexty to try Lexapro. ... (19 replies)

... Hello 39yr old female I have been experiencing these symptoms since I was around 36 and believe me itís horrible I go into a deep sleep and then suddenly I wake up finding it difficult to breathe and panicking I looked online and thought it was acid reflux attack Iíve seen the doctor who thought it was aniexty and begged her to refer me to the sleep clinic for tests for maybe... (5 replies)
Teen Acid Reflux?
Jul 21, 2013
... Hello 16 M, 140 Pounds (underweight), 5'10. Hello, starting last week I had a pain in my left breast bone and my left arm (after I ate a greasy meal - lasted for hours). It went away but then I believe I had some sort of aniexty attack and was always trying to catch my breath (would think about it). This lasted 2 days and now I was back to normal. Then, the left arm pain... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have a quick question about AR. I have been suffering from it for a short while now. Known from the common symptoms. However I have been getting a strange pain/feeling on my right side about where my last rib is, it goes from front to back and when I lay down on front or back it feels like I'm lying on something. The pain/feeling changes sometimes it... (0 replies)
Help with GERD?
Nov 5, 2011
... Thanks, I just started on Nexium on Monday- not seeing any benefit yet. I did pick up some gaviscon yesterday and will give that a try. I have had upper scope as well as a barrium swallow. Scope was neg except for gerd and barrium swallow (thin liquid only) only showed small heital hernia. I don't know what to tell my GI doctor to make him understand how much pain I am... (6 replies)
... Hi, I am new at this board, but I can't believe how much of what you said is true....I suffer from gastritis, burning in the gut.. thats what my doctor calls it....right now I am on Protonix too..just started but I also suffer from constant stress...I know we all do but I also am blessed with a genetic condition of aniexty,...worry too much I have been told but its... (70 replies)
... Hey guys, I havent wrote in a while.For those who didnt know what was going on..For the past now 8 months,i have had the feeling of a tight knot/lump in my throat.Which has turned into many more problems/sore throat/chest pain/shortness of breath & many different kinds of meds that have not worked..After seeing a ENT & GI Dr,both bascially brushed me off with acid reflux &... (4 replies)
... got to give . eating is a nightmare . he has such a hard time swallowing . I think he is bringing the acid up in to his throat , AND I believe some of it is aniexty related . ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for all the replys. I havnet been on here in awhile. I do still have some acid sometimes. I am taking Lexapro for my aniexty and it seems to be helping my indigestion to. ... (19 replies)
... Thanks for all the replys. I havnet been on here in awhile. I do still have some acid sometimes. I am taking Lexapro for my aniexty and it seems to be helping my indigestion to. ... (19 replies)
... Thanks, I have had heart tests done. I have had ultrasounds and EkG's done. I am only 21 and I have had aniexty for about a year now and every time the pains come it freaks me out. I had my first taste of heartburn in the middle of my chest last week. ... (4 replies)
... I've just read about this drug as I was impressed by your experience. I noted that this drug is one of the more sedating type of antidepresents and would undoubtly be used to treat aniexty/depression... So given that many people's GERD is aggravaited by stress and anxiety I wonder if this drug is helpful for it's calming effect, rather than it's "Acid generating ability,"... (2 replies)
... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Debbie, This may be off-topic at first, but it may help if you see any similarities. I originally posted it in the huge string on Bad breath ------------------------------------- Hi Thanatos, (3 replies)
... Sorry but I disagree with the above post - do a search on the internet under anxiety and Gerd and you will see that anxiety CAN in fact cause Gerd. (3 replies)
... Hi Debbie No anxiety doesn't cause clinical GERD-- it can exacerbate it though. Could there be a med he is on that is digestive unfriendly? Many meds can trigger digestive problems. People who are sedentary often develop gastro problems so sitting could be a factor. Most burping is from swallowed air , ( aerophagia ) and nervous people swallow more air and burp more... (3 replies)
... HI ,, HELP ..this regards my son . OK he has a brain injury .. hit by a semi when he was 9 .. 16 now . kidney disease .. and NOW this new problem . it is so hard to explain my son .. he doesnt really know what heartburn is . I have asked him a MILLION times . but because of the brain injury . he just doesnt understand what I mean ,we have been to so many drs . ... (3 replies)

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