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... off acid reflux issues for a couple of years now, but it's all been manageable and more annoying than alarming. ... (1 replies)
Questions rib pain
May 28, 2013
... Sorry for your pain. I too suffer from this pain. I have acid reflux and I take nexium for that. ... (19 replies)
... d added two tablespoons of ACV and drank it with a straw. The nausea subsided almost immediately and without any medication in my system, I just drank a smoothie from Jamba Juice and ate Oatmeal successfully. This is my first day drinking ACV. ... (0 replies)

... I had acid reflux about 2 years ago. After so much testing, scanning etc... They found out that it was reflux. I responded to Nexium 40mg. It worked like a charm. ... (8 replies)
... I have had reflux and have been on Nexium for about 10 years. The past 2 years my GERD symptoms have gotten worse. ... (3 replies)
... I've had a lot of testing this past year to identify the severity of my reflux problems. ... (58 replies)
... alf way through a delicious home made smoothie, when the nausea hit. Instead of vomiting though, I had instant diarrhoea and then chest and leg pains and upper back pains, and I really thought it was my heart. The nausea passed, but not the other things. ... (20 replies)
... That's fantastic! You were able to rid yourself of reflux on the gluten free diet minus sugar. Very good. I was not able to do the same until I got rid of the rice and potatos too. Keep up the good work! ... (123 replies)
... in the way back of my throat. I also developed what seem to be majorly inflamed taste buds on the back of my tongue which burned a little for the first 2 days. ... (5 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
... y of the Aciphex. So I started taking the Nexium and it seemed that in a few days my symptoms started getting better. I was actually able to eat without having pain which was impossible before. Don't get me wrong, I still have heartburn and all that, but I mean pain as far as the food not going down... ... (95 replies)
May 30, 2006
... pain that I was getting from Gerd. ... (5 replies)
... Hello again, how do you feel? have you seen any improvement? You said that you had a phmetry. Did you have and the impedance test too and it was normal? I am asking because my phmetry was normal but the impedance test showed multiple events of weakly acid reflux. My doctor told me that PPI's are not for my case because I have weakly acid and a little amount of bile... (7 replies)
... Since having my gallbladder out I feel my reflux is acid AND bile. ... (4 replies)
... does anyone else with acid reflux or anything else suffer with these symptoms ? ... (1 replies)
... One flare up might not do it but you could be having some reflux and not be aware, then a bad flare up makes you aware and you feel the pain. The acid from the stomach is very strong and can damage cells very easily. Sorta like poring acid on your hand, once the damage is done it can take some time to heal. ... (16 replies)
... The chest pain I suffered from was not directly related to the Hip op. The doctor did not arrange an endoscopy but was convinced that I had Reflux. ... (12 replies)
... I,m sure this is not a heart problem. I have AR and a Hiatal-Hernia and when I get flare-ups my breathing can become really difficult. Get it checked out for peace of mind. Solofelix. (3 replies)
... i guess the question is can ibs,acid reflux or gerd cause breathing problems this is my problem i eat a burger or fries or a piece of pizza im running to the bathroom in 10 min with stomach gramps and diarrhea time line january bad lower right side abdominal pain almost evryday the pain is there from march on it progressed with daily left side chest pain that gos... (3 replies)
... along with a long term pain killer called " gabapentin ". They helped with the prostate problem although I eventually came off the antibiotics. ... (14 replies)
Dec 6, 2010
... biopsies that have come back normal. ... (23 replies)

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