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... Nerves are what tell us we over did something. You overworked or over stretched something in your body and had pain. The nerve tells us to back off or change what we are doing. The nerve itself is doing it's job. It's nothing to be afraid of. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you so much four the reply. I finally got to sleep and have woken with the pain still there. I know I'm inpatient. Only been 5 days.. ... (3 replies)
... i've been suffering for nearly 3 years from breathing difficulties; it started with a small clear of my throat, for which my gp advised ventolin... then it developed to chest congestion with irritation in my throat, which started basically the very night i first took the puff... that night, at emergency without telling me what the problem was, they put me for the first time on... (0 replies)

... Do you have any further reflux problems post surgery? ... (11 replies)
... Hello Lolak i suggest that you ask an ENT or gastro doctor to make you a pH probe test to make sure if you have acid reflux or not this is the best way. it's quit annoying but it's the most accurate test i believe for me i was diagnosed with lpr ( acid reflux to the throat ) because i had two things, the constant clearing of my throat and the constant feeling of a lump or... (7 replies)
... sleeping and the acid comes up into my mouth. Usually I will inhale it and spit some up at the same time. I have fibromyalgia and my sleep meds usually keep me from feeling this happening until I awake coughing from aspirating the acid into my lungs. ... (3 replies)
... But I am starting to think maybe acid reflux has something to do with it? ... (2 replies)
... n issue. I could drink a lot of it and I did. My problems came way late at night for the most part. It would wake me out of a sound sleep with a nagging little pain about mid chest. I guess I thought I was having a heart attack at first but I had no trouble squeezing pain associated with heart attacks... ... (38 replies)
Ulcer & narcotics
Jan 19, 2011
... Right now, I'm taking nexium twice a day, carafate 4 times a day, zantac 150 as needed, pepto, mylanta. I am not the only one get sick at my stomach from Lortab, it has to be the codeine that does that. It made me puke every day, I am trying my best right now to just deal with the back pain and not use it. ... (19 replies)
... day, first thing in the morning, before lunch, before dinner and at bedtime, with one Prilosec on odd number days and two on even number days. I moved downward from there very slowly. ... (5 replies)
... I have been suffering from severe acid reflux lately and have been visiting the hospital for tests to find out the extent of it. ... (4 replies)
... I have had acid reflux on and off for a couple of years now. this time its back with a vengeance. My insurance has changed and they wont cover my wonderful Zegerid so I'm stuck with the wonderful Omeprazole. ... (12 replies)
... I have also read about "licorice root" and something that's made from it. That, too, it addressed in that particular board. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear your Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. My Dad passed away from esophageal cancer, which is also a digestive cancer. That's partly the reason I was so worried when I began experiecing symptoms of acid reflux. ... (6 replies)
Stomach problem
Jun 21, 2007
... At the other end its ranged from constipation to the opposite but nearly always a healthy colour. ... (3 replies)
... I started to have some crazy bowell issues when my gallbladder went bad...I really had some constipation out of this world, pain and sometimes diarrhea... ... (18 replies)
... Have any of you had a nodule or something develop in the back of your throat from acid reflux. I feel like there is something foreign in my tonsil or the back of my throat area. I can't see anything and I have been to two doctors who can't see anything. I am now being sent to an ENT. This has gone on for two weeks. ... (0 replies)
... Rebecca, you are not alone in your feelings. I have cried many tears over the pain this medication causes, and hit the life out of many cushions in anger. ... (206 replies)
... went to a voice pathologist, 2 different ENTs, a GI Doc, and my family Dr. The Voice specialist noted I had some swelling in my vocal chords probably due to acid reflux but nothing serious and thus I was misdiagnosed. ... (18 replies)
... uit salad late one night and then lying down too soon afterwards... but still, I didn't have classic heartburn after the fruit bowl, just minor irritation in the back of the throat. The next morning I woke up okay, but it was just before lunch that the symptoms took hold again. ... (7 replies)

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