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... or relax the muscle that keeps food from heading back up the esophagus. ... (4 replies)
... My dear , Mne is only in my back. It is left sided / around the shoulder blade area and happens with every liquid and food for 10 months!!!! I have mothing wrong with the tummy, only left shoulder blade area , ...So I think ours are different ? ?? (25 replies)
... thank you for your reply, do you often get flare ups of this??? its the first time ive had this and i really want it to go and not come back!!!! i love my food but i just dont want to eat already a skinny bones ...if it doesnt pass quickly there will be nothing left of me ha ha!!! and yes i know what you mean about the golf ball...that is exactly how it is. ive had... (3 replies)

... who had been together for almost 62 yrs died within 5 months of each other...kinda of unexpectedly. and my life has been turned upside down. My panics have come back and they are the scariest for me...I literally detest them. ... (15 replies)
... Good luck, report back with any results. ... (15 replies)
... le with reflux respond well to medicines such as Prilosec. Which is marvelous for them, of course. However, the rest of us are met with blank stares when we go back to the doctor still complaining! ... (15 replies)
... t come back ? ... (25 replies)
... My problems all started after a round of strong antibiotics. I had very similar symptoms in that I was so horrifically constipated it felt like my lower stomach was pressing up into my chest. That's when I got the lump feeling in my throat, same place as you. Just below the adam's apple area but right above the hollow of my throat. I attributed it to being backed up... (18 replies)
... I didn't know until today at the MRI that I am claustrophobic. Didn't last 5 minutes until they pulled me out and said I was moving too much. Going back tomorrow and they will give me Xanax prior to the MRI. Hope it works!! ... (18 replies)
Back pain
Jun 17, 2008
... Does anyone get backpain w their GERD? Have been having some weird things going on, like sharp pains in my back...I have GERD and wondering if it could be that. Kinda feels the same as when I have the chest pains . (1 replies)
Back pain
Oct 19, 2007
... I'm now starting to get pains in my middle back and between my shoulder blades, sometimes it's a pulsing and other times it burns. I'm going to see my doctor about it. ... (2 replies)
... get these awful pains. Do you get them radiating to your back like I do though? ... (30 replies)
... I'm having horrible deep back pains... I'm not on anything.. my PCP want's me to try muscle relaxers.. but I hate those things. ... (30 replies)
... If I truly have GERD...not sure, ruling out some things, but anyway, I get pains all over my upper abdomen. My chest, my back, my ribs... I've tried to take Tylenol for it but it doesn't do much... I've also lost like 18lbs do to not eating alot... I can't help but think that some of these pains are just tension from anxiety and just malnutrition from not eating well... I've... (3 replies)
... Thanks a bunch for all the information. Just wanted to let you know that i have exactly the same thing!!! When i had the scope done and they told me there was nothing there i almost fell out of the chair. Feels like fire down my esophagus and stomach. Also wanted to let you know there is another medication called "ketotifen" that also treats visceral hypersensitivity. I'm... (31 replies)
... (31 replies)
... ying to plan a wedding, build or buy a home, and adjusting to a newer supervisory position at work. And on one of those days that year I started getting burning pain in my stomach every time I would eat. My first thought was, I must have an ulcer. ... (31 replies)
... In late October I began experiencing an intermittent pain in my upper back that did not resemble muscle pain but felt like something was stuck. The feeling worsened after eating. I also was experiencing an intermittent stinging pain in my upper right breast. ... (2 replies)
... Although he did do an ECHO on my heart just to make sure, which came back normal. ... (3 replies)
... Every morning I am waking up now feeling moderate pain in my upper mid abdomen, feeling regurgitation and like I could constantly belch. The pain is bad enough that I cannot continue to lay down with it and go back to sleep. But it gets better when I'm up a bit. ... (9 replies)

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