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Exercise and Gerd?
Aug 26, 2006
... I am a 28 year old male who has a three year history of gerd. About three months ago my symptoms have changed. I have been having severe stomach and intestinal bloating. The symptoms are a 24 hr thing, but best in am and worse in pm. About 3 weeks ago I awoke to a horrible episode of atrial fib. ... (0 replies)
... I've been dealing with acid reflux on and off for a few years now. I'm a 29 year old female with no other serious medical issues. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Sophiegirl, I will try the slippery elm too. I've heard that it really helps. Honey is great. I've noticed that I had two good days this week with no acid reflux, but I did feel bloated. I had loss my appetite but now I do feel hungry but when I eat a little I feel that I've eaten a lot and feel that way for hours. ... (68 replies)

... DGL didn't do much for me and Aloe Vera Juice is soothing and healing but doesn't take the reflux away. I've been using Aloe for months to no avail. Reflux has to do with the LES, UES muscles not closing when they should. I've been suffering since July with this and on and off Nexium. ... (6 replies)
... In 2009 got hurt overseas and came home for double knee replacement during the rehab gain at least 40bls, stress, use to working out daily, anyway this Feb. ... (19 replies)
... I havent been diagnosed as yet only with acid reflux. ... (1 replies)
... sodas were messing up his stomach, well anyway after he started drinking water he says he noticed his acid got soo much worst, andi figured out the water was getting us sick! anyway he changed the filter on the fridge and the acid has gotten so much better! ... (5 replies)
... about 6 months ago... I ate very little red meat at the time anyway. I also, about 3 months ago, cut out glutens. I have found my general digestion very good... And have lost about half a stone, and never feel bloated or blocked. ... (1 replies)
... Reading all these posts it looks like we all have the same symptoms. My GERD started about 4 months after I started having stomach problems with bloating stomach, stomach pain etc. I also think GERD is a symptom not a disease (acid reflux disease). When my stomach acts normally my reflux goes away, when I'm bloated and having stomach pains I know when I finally go the bathroom... (1 replies)
... I suffer from GERD. I was prescribed nexium about a year and half ago. I used to take it daily and it totally took all my GERD problems away. Never had reflux or anything on it. I decided I didn't want to take it anymore and so when I went off it of course I had terrible rebound reflux. ... (2 replies)
... stomach causes your stomach to create more acid.... to try to kill the germs. there is also the possibility that the germs from the tonsils leak into the stomach and cause an infection there and this creates gas which for me makes me burp and fart a lot and feel bloated! what do you think? ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I have read a lot into LPR and am trying to work out if I have it or not. ... (0 replies)
... so always thought that was why I was bloated. The morphine can cause alot of side effects. Not from the meds. So Ive now had alot of blood taken, ct,sonogram,mri and now seeing a gastro doctor hopefully hell find something. ... (3 replies)
... didn't go away one night after feeling really nauseated from Chinese food one late night. I didn't vomit but it turned into the worst heart burn I had in my life and acid reflux. Went away after a few days then kept coming back. ... (5 replies)
Do I have GERD?
Jan 9, 2013
... Things started to went south 2 days ago when I felt like dying, when I lie down to sleep I feel discomfort at my abdomen and pulse going to my limps and lips. It made my limps numb and I thought I have a stroke. ... (0 replies)
Reflux or Ulcer?
Nov 21, 2007
... I have had acid and stomach problems for years. However its never a constant thing, I know what not to eat most of the time and i have a bad bout maybe once or twice a month. However for the past 4 or 5 days now I seem to have developed something new, maybe just a bug maybe worse? ... (0 replies)
Anybody bloated?
Feb 11, 2007
... I have acid reflux and take Prilosec daily. I also have irritable bowel syndrome. ... (12 replies)
Gerd :(
Jul 12, 2012
... I am 23 years old. Asian male 2 weeks ago i was 198 pounds at 5 foot 7. My diet consisted of eating out everynight IE fatty foods, fried foods, and whatever food that didnt have vegetables. 2 mondays ago i was drinking a huge cup of McDonalds Coffee, and felt like my throat was closing up. ... (6 replies)
... caused my slightly under control reflux to go INSANE.. It is horrible. ... (8 replies)
... This is my first time posting....I've been to a few doctors with no results, and I don't know where else to turn for some help. The last doctor I saw said I have laryngopharyngeal reflux, LPR. ... (3 replies)

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