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... Sometimes I feel hungry but I can't tell if I'm just full of air or bloated or actually hungry. ... (0 replies)
... ahh please help someone ! im 17 and my doctor said i had acid reflux after telling me to get a barium swallow. i have had this weird burping for like 2 months and it's not going away with anything. it's not normal burping like i can control it but i want to let it out for relief of the bloating. ... (2 replies)
... I hear ya about the burping, I feel bloated easily from eating and often have to tap on my chest to induce a burp. I used to never burp until I got this infernal condition. ... (6 replies)

... I always have horrible bloating in my stomach and gas. I am constantly burping which doesn't do a bit of good. It feels better for like 2 seconds when I burp but thats it. ... (3 replies)
... Today has been the worst. Now I have a tickle type cough and I am burping every 10 minutes. I feel fine otherwise, not bloated. I do drink a lot of wine, coffee, and soda... ... (1 replies)
... For the past 3 months I've been bloated and burping a lot. I counted 29 times in one day, and I hadn't even eaten dinner. I also have bad breath and a bad taste in my mouth. ... (6 replies)
... After reading a few threads on here, I'm wondering if this is my problem. I go through periods of shortness of breath (or what I've heard referred to as air hunger), sometimes lasting a week, then it goes away. Many times at the end of the day I feel bloated, heart beats harder than usual (not necessarily fast) after eating, although if I eat just a little bit, i don't... (8 replies)
... omg you sound like me! i walk around sometimes rubbing my belly pretending i'm pregnant because it looks like i am. and breathing, oy! then comes the anxiety... some things i take for bloating & too much burping... peppermint tea/eater's digest tea (the warmness is nice on your belly) aloe vera gel from the health food store (soothing) plain yogurt (gets the good... (9 replies)
... have you tried aloe vera then? did it work? what about acai juice? i had h.pylori so i had antibiotics for them, i can eat more now and get less bloated,burping and belching. Sometimes i do get heartburn but its not too bad, I can get to sleep at night and it does not cause me any troubles. Maybe it will take time to clear up because of the h.pylori.:wave: (7 replies)
... flux and my oesophagal motility is not great. I am only 30 and otherwise super healthy and sporty and slim! what is going on! PPIs did nothing for me but made me bloated and constipated. ... (18 replies)
Nov 19, 2006
... Well on the contrary for me.. I cant seem to burp! I feel so bloated and when I force to burp nohting comes out... sometimes some fluid would regurgitate in my mouth but its not acidic.. does anyone of you know what that is? ... (5 replies)
... I can't stop! It's a daily thing. The burping isn't accompanied by burning or anything and it doesn't feel like acid reflux because I have had reflux before and Pepto, Maalox, or Mylanta cured it right away. ... (5 replies)
Anxiety and LPR
May 8, 2013
... gurgling up throat whenever I cough, breath in or bend over. Not quite the same as burping this. ... (2 replies)
... days with a significant reduction in my horrible burping problem. The only thing that I changed? ... (18 replies)
... In laymen terms ... it sucks. Bloating and burping are canaries in the coal mine so to speak. According to what you posted about your endoscopy it's of no surprise that you're not feeling heartburn. ... (35 replies)
... In laymen terms ... it sucks. Bloating and burping are canaries in the coal mine so to speak. According to what you posted about your endoscopy it's of no surprise that you're not feeling heartburn. ... (35 replies)
... (10 replies)
... g so I took some mylanta which usually worked and it would't happen for another year or so. Afterwards, I got this really bad attack where my stomach felt really bloated and heavy and I kept burping and mylanta wouldn't work anymore. I've been to 2 different gastrologist and had 2 endoscopys both with normal results. ... (10 replies)
Darn Nexium
Aug 12, 2011
... Ofcourse I will Solioflex, i'll let you know what my gastro says. Today ive felt nauseous and bloated and burping. I think its the Nexium because even though i have the HH i di NOT have these symptoms before i started the Nexium, only severe heartburn. ... (12 replies)
Chills, Bloating
Mar 11, 2011
... I'm 35 years old and I would like to share my problem that happened 2 weeks ago till today and i have been constantly burping before until that early morning around 2am i woke up having a severe chills without fever that shivers my entire body. ... (5 replies)

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