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... or a weak LES valve have symptoms occur generally straight away after eating? ... (6 replies)
... Another symptom was bloating after eating. I woud go to dr. if I were you and tell your concerns. The metallic taste could be blood. ... (8 replies)
... Your description of the after effects of Antibiotics for H.Pylori fit mine exactly. ... (10 replies)

... Told by a few doctors that i probably just have bad GERD, I've only ever had mild or temporary relief with PPIs or antacids, though. Today after researching anaemia and stomach ulcers, the symptoms sound uncanny of the full spectrum of symptoms I get in a way I've not seen reading aboutm anxiety or gerd. ... (0 replies)
... I experience bloating each time I's so frustrating. I notice the bloating will start after eating lunch. Breakfast gives me bloating but not as much as lunch. This is very strange because I have experimented essentially all kinds of food but the same bloating. ... (1 replies)
Could i have gerd?
Jun 25, 2016
... yr old healthy female who doesn't drink or smoke. i have been having digestive problems that are now ruining my life and i am now unable to eat food comfortably. After every single thing i eat..even if its a snack or even water i will immediately have a strange sour taste on the back of my tongue like a lemon taste.. ... (0 replies)
... Hello I am new to the board. I have had GERD for at least 13 years now. I have been on and off of omeprazole. around March last year I developed a cough. ... (4 replies)
... I have this phlem but I can't cough it up , do you have severe bloating like me ? ... (7 replies)
... I have never looked through this thread before, but I sure wish I had! I was diagnosed with GERD about 10 years ago. Since I have had symptoms that have gotten progressively worse..... ... (4 replies)
GERD Question
Oct 28, 2004
... For a while now, I have been having some breathing issues, especially after eating, where I need to take a big deep breath in order for me to regulate my breathing again, a bloating in the stomach feeling. ... (1 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
... or just not eating for days and days, I was getting pretty tired of it. I figured I'd eaten OK types of foods and now it was time to indulge. ... (95 replies)
... I just wanted to add regarding the apple cidar vinegar to be very careful and be sure to dilute it first with water and maybe some honey. I have been taking it and drinking it straight!! a big no no. My throat has been on fire for about a week and I attribute it to the vinegar. I'm going to the doctor later today to get some feedback about my new and ongoing symptoms. I... (32 replies)
... Another update, 81 days off PPIs and things gradually getting better. Still have bad days but have found out a few things that have been very helpful. 1) Posture seems to have a lot to do with it for me. a curved back seems to squish my stomach in a way that it pushes its contents up. I slouch, and since I work a regular job where I sit at an office 8 ~ 5 everyday, no... (14 replies)
... mint, citris drinks and food, chocolate, alcohol and other foods that cause me trouble personally. I'm also eating high fiber, low fat meals, smaller meals, more frequent meals. I didn't eat or drink anything other than water for the last 4 hours before bed. ... (3 replies)
... d. It all started one night.. I was feeling anxiety, breatlessness, mild chest pain, sweating in hands and legs ans was rushed to ER. Docs said nothinng to worry after carrying out ecg, blood tests... ... (1 replies)
... Hi All! I just saw my gastroenterologist this afternoon and he told me that I'm at the end of the line, that it's time I had a fundoplication. Before I get into my's my history, as brief as I can make it! I am 24. When I was 19 I had jaw surgery that led to a massive infection, osteomyelitis and a dozen surgeries. I was on massive amounts of antibiotics,... (0 replies)
... I've also been diagnosed with gerd and small hiatel hernia. Seems like my acids not as bad but 2 to 3 days a week always after eating i bloat up always left side under left rib and sternum and burp continuously to relieve pressure on my diaphragm. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, Do you suffer burping or a knawing pain between your belly and just under your ribs in the centre. My main symptoms are the above things and bloating and gas/wind. I guess we all have similar symptoms with AR/GERD. Do you find the Nexium helps and what dose do you take, I have 20mgx1 per day of Nexium. I have taken it on and off for months but not sure if it is doing... (7 replies)
... I've got the symptoms of the previous post, burning scratchy throat, constant throat clearing, and bloating after eating just about anything. ... (102 replies)
... at." You know, most human beings CAN eat at 1am and go to sleep by 1am and they are FINE, Meaning, they may not feel awesome ... BUT they don't have heartburn or bloating or excessive burping. They can certainly eat late and go to bed and carry on with their day. Mucus comes out of the nose for pretty surefire reasons ... ... (35 replies)

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