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... I am experiencing a similar is my pattern. In between meals: burning/gnawing pain in stomach (more on right side). After eating: burning/gnawing subsides, but I feel full (even after eating a small amount) and it feels like the food is just sitting there. Bowel movements are fairly normal during the 4-5 days this goes on. Then, after about 4-5 days,... (1 replies)
... Hi,I have been on ppi for 10 years currently taking 20mg pantomeprozole and rinitidine through night, I have a constant burning gnawing in my stomach if I don't take my rinitidine before bed,it's not reflux more like just sits there feels like it's burning a hole. ... (1 replies)
... It's perfectly normal to have burning stomach pain and excess acid when coming off Nexium! Nexium suppresses acid so badly that your body responds by making too much gastrin, which means you produce extra acid. ... (3 replies)

... This afternoon, I was speaking with a naturopathic physician who I am turning to because my primary care physician cannot help me - it's beyond their expertise and they already referred me to a Gastro specialist who is only interested in feeding me more and more pharmaceuticals and not helping me to correct the problems - just keeps putting a bandaid on the issue and not give... (12 replies)
... at solid foods like hamburger and steak in over 2 years because it feels like it gets stuck and won't go down all the way. I also constantly have a raw burning, gnawing pain in my stomach, usually centered around my belly button area. ... (12 replies)
... About 8 days ago I began experiencing an intense burning in my abdomen. ... (7 replies)
... To cut a long story short, I started having stomach burning problems almost 4 years ago and was finally diagnosed with acid reflux and had a nissen fundoplication April 2010. ... (3 replies)
... For the last month I've been having stomach troubles. ... (8 replies)
... gnawing pain in my stomach. ... (5 replies)
... a little pain when swallowing. ... (10 replies)
... i felt so full and bloated it was horrible...well it still does...i took a digestive enzyme and a dgl and a pepcid and it still hurts and i feel that gnawing pain in my sternum on one side and gas x not helping either...i thought i was getting better,,,,,but obviously not as better as i thought.... ... (6 replies)
... Hi Hamilton, I have been having the burnig gnawing pain above my belly button, I have it right now I get this everyday on and off but more o than off. ... (3 replies)
... I've experienced that chest and shoulder pain too and yes, I believe it's related to the acid reflux. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Aryana I have exactly what you described in your symptoms.mine is on the right side and goes to the back with a low back pain,my ache is there all the time. i hope we get some answers soon.right now iam looking for answers. (3 replies)
... I have noticed over the last few months that a day or two before my cycle starts my heartburn gets worse. I get a really bad burning, gnawing pain in my stomach, usually around my belly button area is the worst. ... (3 replies)
... With My Ulcer it felt like a Burning, Gnawing pain like something was In my stomach trying to Eat it's way out. It's not a fun feeling at all. ... (1 replies)
... rolaids really haven't helped. Could this be acid reflux or a stomach ulcer? ... (2 replies)
Aciphex & LPR
Jan 21, 2006
... constipation, bloating, gnawing hunger pains, which again I NEVER had before. ... (30 replies)
... Over the last 3 wks I have visited the ER twice with severe upper abdominal pain and burning. First it started on the right underneath the rib cage and then it migrated to all over my stomach. ... (17 replies)
... o get very intense at night and the maalox and zantac stopped working. I started getting shakes in my legs and chills that were accompanied by sharp stabbing and burning pain in my left side under my bottom rib. ... (32 replies)

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