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... but I have a few questions. Both my parents suffer from Acid Reflux and they take different medicine for it. My mother had to use different medicines to find the right one that works for her. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone..I have read all posts and went through hell with this acid reflux...First of all,acid reflux can cause many many different symptoms.doesnt mean that if you dont have acid or hearburn sensation that it isnt reflux.. ... (40 replies)
... Acid reflux reared its ugly head. After endoscopy I was told I had lots bile in my stomach and put on Omeprazole.I believe I suffer from acid AND bile reflux. ... (0 replies)

... I am praying that someone may be able to help my husband. He has been suffering for years with acid reflux and other ailments. He has been on a hypoglycemic diet for years. Back in the late 80's he started having all kinds of health issues and also panic attacks. ... (0 replies)
... As the previous member said, everyone is different. I can tollerate Chocolate which many people cannot. ... (2 replies)
... I can eat goat cheese in a salad with lots of vegetables. Some people cannot eat raw vegetables but it is not a problem for me as long as I chew them up really well. ... (6 replies)
Reflux Part I
May 25, 2007
... Here is what I know about reflux, it may be different for others but I from what I read it probably isn't. Acid reflux is just a symptom, it's not a weak valve or muscle. It is just a symptom. They call it acid reflux disease but that is misleading. ... (6 replies)
... eel as if the stomach contents pass on undigested. The fact it is undigested is the reason it hangs around. It only moves on when it is sufficiently broken down. Acid aids this process. Insufficient acid causes bloating and pressure, which you can feel. The pressure causes the contents of the stomach to reflux. ... (6 replies)
... something I'd never had before. I then read on the internet that if you didn't have an overproduction of stomach acid in the first place, that taking PPIs could actually cause you stomach to go into overproduction of acid and give you heartburn. ... (13 replies)
... Bloating can be due to a few things..... ... (2 replies)
... I think it is part of the issue, and it makes the whole problem worse. I have found that PPIs cause bloating and constipation and in turn that makes the reflux worse. ... (206 replies)
... I've been dealing with acid reflux on and off for a few years now. I'm a 29 year old female with no other serious medical issues. ... (2 replies)
Reflux Part I
May 25, 2007
... Yes I agree that the term acid reflux or GERDS for that matter is more or less a symptom or possibly a syndrom and there can be many different causes. I think most doctors quickly diagnose as GERDS prescribe PPIs and declare case closed. ... (6 replies)
... My spleen was swollen and I felt horrid. Could barely eat and I developed acid reflux. ... (32 replies)
... I don't believe in that weak valve theory for acid reflux, at least in my case. It seems to start in the gut and then develop into reflux. ... (5 replies)
Need help!!!!
Mar 2, 2007
... Hello, Sorry to hear of your discomfort. I suffered from acid reflux for years, then started having trouble swallowing. I had the scope down the throat procedure and they found an ulcer in the lower esophogus. ... (36 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I have had 2 PH tests, one just measured acid, and the second one was the one that measures acid and non acid reflux. The results of the second one showed that I have mild reflux, and hiatus hernia, and that the LES is very slighly loose. ... (8 replies)
... PPIs do cause breathing difficulties. Maybe not listed as 'rhinitis' but you will find info on "allergic sensitivity", including anaphalactic shock. ... (5 replies)
... Basically i've suffered from Acid Reflux Disease for almost a year now, and I am 21 year old male. ... (5 replies)
... I really feel for you as I was in the same place you are this time last year. We are the same age and I also have asthma and allergies. I started off with acid reflux then it worsened to chest pain, couldn't eat, felt sick all the time palpatations etc etc. ... (32 replies)

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