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... I just had a piece of chicken stuck in my throat for 2 hours. I was literally about 10 minutes away from going to the ER before I found this message board. ... (21 replies)
... hs and have lost 15 pounds now. I'm already thin to begin with. I can only tell you from my experience so far what I think about your situation. There is no food stuck in your throat. If it is in fact acid reflux the food feeling is actually a referred symptom. It's due to excessive acid. ... (4 replies)
... i swallowed a piece of chicken wrong, the pain was great, it seems like it never made it down my throat, i have had continuous pain and difficulty swallowing liquuids and food. ... (1 replies)

... Does anyone else suffer from getting food stuck in their throat while eating certain things? ... (4 replies)
... I remember this happening to my ex yrs back...He was eating chicken at lunch break and got to laughing and that happened... ... (21 replies)
... Chicken does it and dense bread like pound cake. Just gets stuck there... ... (12 replies)
... long as I remember I've had acid reflux. Not bad acid reflux, it rarely caused heartburn or discomfort, occasionally when I would eat I was have food come up my throat which I would swallow back down. Growing up I was raised to believe it was normal but after researching I don't think this is the case. ... (4 replies)
... I can't eat chicken it does not go down well, and I get that horrible pain in my chest on its way down, like its just stuck there! ... (12 replies)
... Usually some Very large Deep breathes will get rid of it or sipping on water or standing up, trying to swallow food is difficult like my throat is blocked or tightened but my breathing is fine and not restricted at all. ... (3 replies)
Throat closing
Nov 30, 2008
... months. I'm on 3 ensures a day and chicken broth and milkshakes. I'm so afraid to eat at this point. ... (5 replies)
... Like so many things, its hard to tell which came first. Like the chicken and the egg. ... (107 replies)
... years ago my GP sent me to a gastroenterologist because I had heartburn and reflux. They did an endoscopy and discovered thru biopsy I had a bacterial infection in my stomach called H. Pylori. Supposedly it's pretty common, but only a few get really sick from it. ... (2 replies)
... Lunch is usually chicken and a vegatable. Sometimes I mix in a little feta cheese for flavor. ... (7 replies)
... I have had asthma my whole life, in recent years symptoms have died down unless I am sick like I was earlier this year in February with Bronchitis. ... (0 replies)
... Hello..sometimes I have trouble swallowing my food, and it gets stuck in my throat, saliva starts to build, and I have to spit constantly until the "feeling" of my clogged throat goes away. ... (17 replies)
... On June 8th I ate a piece of steak and it got stuck where my collarbone meets my throat. ... (0 replies)
Anxiety and LPR
May 8, 2013
... post nasal drip in my throat, but not in my nose. Usually worse when I wake up or immediately after eating. ... (2 replies)
... pm Approx. I swallowed a large piece of chicken tenderloin on accident. It proceeded to get stuck in my throat. ... (1 replies)
Pepcid otc
Mar 12, 2008
... it works pretty well no side affects that I am aware of. The neck problems for swollowing are the post surgery 18 yrs ago. My neck is in rough shape and food gets stuck, especially chicken. But scrambled eggs were like going down the wrong pipe felt like air way. I choked for 20 min. ... (4 replies)
... p.s. I do not get heartburn and its so hard to figure out what is going to trigger reflux or not. I usually find out by my throat feeling like its going to close up on me and that the glob stuck in there gets bigger. ... (12 replies)

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