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... Sounds just like me! little to no symptoms during the night, gets worse during the day, only just started with the burping but my do I burp, even after drinking tea! I havent been officially diagnosed yet after 3 months waiting for results! but my symptoms do point to reflux. (7 replies)
... a few more. When I wake up in the mornings, my throat and chest feel tender on the right side. I attribute it to laying on that side during the night and the acid standing in a pool. Sometimes I notice it in the back, dead center if I sleep on my back too long. ... (7 replies)
... Dear all, hope you all find relief soon! I too know where you are coming from. I have recently been diagnosed as having Acid Reflux. I have had ongoing throat issues for quite a while but always thought they were throat infections. ... (20 replies)

... I had to drop two primary Drs who kept getting angry with me and telling me I had allergies. When I politely told them I was in horrible head, throat, ear, neck pain the 2nd primary told me angrily and I quote exactly, "... ... (119 replies)
... P said that has gone down some. I have sore throat off and on, terrible acid shooting into my throat, lump feeling like you described, hoarseness as you stated, ear pain or a full feeling in my ears, constant pnd, mucous all in throat and clearing throat all the time. I truly feel your pain! ... (17 replies)
A little scared
Aug 27, 2009
... Hello I have battled with heartburn on and off for several years, I would say over 5 years. I would get occasional bouts with several days of no heartburn in between. I used to get alot of headaches and would take lots of advil daily (not overdosing) but regular dosing. Also would drink lots of pop and I am overweight. Anyways, I stopped drinking pop and stopped taking... (5 replies)
... makes me feel so much better because its pretty scary. Took so many Drs visits to figure out whats wrong and there still doing tests. They do believe its also acid reflux related. Well anyways I answered your questions. ... (5 replies)
... My problem is that I feel like I have horrible heartburn, but taking acid reducing drugs actually makes it worse. I also had a ph test which came back normal and the Dr. said should not be causing me the kind of pain I'm feeling. ... (7 replies)
... Unfortunately, if it is acid reflux, there really is no cure. We work to get the symptoms under control. ... (7 replies)
... That's fantastic! You were able to rid yourself of reflux on the gluten free diet minus sugar. Very good. I was not able to do the same until I got rid of the rice and potatos too. Keep up the good work! ... (123 replies)
... mucous, thick throat, CONSTANT throat clearing, BURPING, neck pain etc etc. ... (7 replies)
... The ear pain is common with acid reflux, GERD and the like. Mine started with a sore throat and ear pain, all on the right side. Mine also gets worse as the day wears on. ... (25 replies)
... Thanks for the responses everyone!! Hi Gnznroses! I have almost the same thing but mine havnt been swollen that long since ive only had reflux for a few months. I can turn my head certain ways and theyll hurt and sometimes theyll start hurting for no reason. ... (10 replies)
... What do I have? I've had a sore throat for 8 months. The ENT doctor scoped me several times - said it looks a little inflamed, then had a barium swallow that said no acid reflux - then an endoscopy - He said I had Acid Reflux then & to take prilocec otc. I did that for 2 months - no change. Now he's sending me for a neck CT & thyroid sonogram. From reading this board it sounds... (12 replies)
... a dual probe pH test where they put the probe above your LES, but also a second probe above your UES. They could also do a single probe above your UES to see if acid is reaching your throat. ... (13 replies)
... Hi all, I have been on these message boards fairly frequently over the last few years. I have unknowingly suffered from silent acid reflux for quite a few years now. Constant sore throats that were treated as colds etc etc. ... (9 replies)
... are a very common trigger for acid reflux, so it's possible that the weight gain is what triggered everything that you're dealing with. ... (18 replies)
... Many people with LPR don't have classic acid reflux symptoms such as heartburn. My main symptoms are the lump in throat feeling, ear pain and morning hoarseness. It sounds like your dr. made a correct diagnoses with the scope. LPR can be a very complicated and difficult disease to treat. ... (19 replies)
... I do not drink citric acid juices. ... (123 replies)
... I have been diagnosed as having LPR. I have the redness at the back of my throat which they call "mounding" meaning the acid irritates the mucosa at the back of the throat. Sometimes I get sores in my mouth and under my tongue. ... (11 replies)

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