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... The reason I am asking is I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus last April. I looked at the pictures that they took with the endoscope, and I have ulcer like sores in my esophagus and upper stomache...where the two join. ... (4 replies)
Feb 18, 2006
... but from the Upper Stomach portion. When there is alot of ACID in the UPPER STOMACH, then the Upper Stomach starts going into spasms, which in turn moves the Esophagus which in turn moves upward toward your throat. ... (3 replies)
... I get a dull pain at the bottom of my esophagus. So I just really try to listen to my body and quit eating before I'm too full. ... (20 replies)

... esophageal spasms. My spasms originate from deep inside my chest but instead of feeling the pain through the front of my chest they shoot through my back between my shoulder blades like I'm being stabbed or something. ... (0 replies)
... ite possible with reflux. Especially since reflux can bring people to have gas with belching or flatulance. gas can move around in the body so that could be your pain you are having in your shoulder. ... (4 replies)
... Well if they didnt use numbing spray I think you would be sore from that. Have you called you doctor? I would just to be safe. I have my endoscopy scheduled for November 2. I am terrified on what they will find. However, it doesnt sound like anything serious. (14 replies)
... I have been having throat problems but not the pain with swallowing, just the difficulty in swallowing solids. Now it hurts when I drink liquids. I get thses dull pains in my esophagus when I swallow. ... (14 replies)
... I have been diagnosed as having LPR. I have the redness at the back of my throat which they call "mounding" meaning the acid irritates the mucosa at the back of the throat. Sometimes I get sores in my mouth and under my tongue. ... (11 replies)
... I've been suffering from acid reflux for a few years, it actually seems to be getting worse over time. I get the usual burning pain but not all the time. In fact, the most common problem, at least lately, is fluid backing up into my throat. ... (2 replies)
... amitripltylne for trapped air in throat feeling which helped but now I am getting chest pains for last 2 months and its are getting worse. It started off as dull pain but now has gotten more intense and is a burning pain. ... (23 replies)
... Hi - it has been 4 months since I had the endoscope and the symptoms have never got better - The lump in the throat feeling - the severe burning sensations - discomfort in the chest etc - It has totally well and truly got me beat. I have done lots and lots of research on the endoscope procedure - I had one back in January also - after that one my pain and symptoms changed -... (14 replies)
... around my esophagus and stitched it into place. Now, every time my stomach contracts, it contracts around the esophagus. ... (11 replies)
... it. But there were a few weeks there when I was sucking on those pills three or four times per day. I was also taking teaspoons of honey to soothe my throat and esophagus and drinking the aloe juice. I have cut back on most of that by now that the Zantac and low carbs seem to finally be doing the trick. ... (110 replies)
... the drs won't do anything more than an upper GI. I was told by my M.D. to have a Bravo Probe. But i don't know how much more pain I can take. ... (7 replies)
Feb 9, 2008
... law said this was how she felt with her gall bladder. I've had acid reflux and heartburn before to know the pain in the stomach isn't it. It's more of a really uncomfortable feeling as fluids from your stomach are backed up into your esophagus and throat. ... (11 replies)
Aspirating acid
Mar 16, 2007
... rming what to do. Other than that everything else was normal thank God and had no erosion. Needless to say i'm more flustered than ever now as to where all the pain is coming from. The way it burns in my esophagus sometimes I could have sworn i had some kind of erosion or ulcer or just something! ... (2 replies)
Ball of fire
Mar 9, 2006
... I came across a bottle of hydrocodone syrup that had been given to me when I had the CRUD in November. hummmmmmmmm pain medicine in the form of a syrup that would go down through my esophagus. ... (5 replies)
... rral to a speech therapist to help with the hoarseness, also the usual advice about not eating spicy food etc. Anyway, the Nexium gave me extreme chest pains and pain between my shoulder blades, it hurt even to drink water as it seemed to burn my esophagus on the way down. ... (7 replies)
... probably due to my anxiety. He stretched my esophagus and increased my PPI's. all was well until about Nov. when I began having terrible burning throat pain. The pain spread from my throat into my stomach, with a banding pain all the way around my midsection and between my shoulder blades. ... (7 replies)
... I have been dealing with this issue and the constant and recurring pain associated with it for many years. ... (6 replies)

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