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Gerd episode?
Oct 13, 2012
... Sounds like Gerd to me. It can be very painful. Essentially you have stomach acid coming up into our esophagus , it can burn the lining of your throat and impact the nerves which travel thru that area. ... (1 replies)
... I had the Nissen Fundoplication 5 months ago. I followed the instructions for eating starting with all liquid and gradually adding soft blended food and then onto solid food. I still have trouble with meat and some other foods. Sometimes it felt like the food did not want to go down and my throat would go into spasms causing vicious hiccups with much pain. So I would stop... (2 replies)
... In this procedure, the hiatal hernia is repaired, and the stomach is pulled down to where it belongs. The diaphragm is stitched tighter to keep it from sliding back up. Then, the upper part of the stomach is wrapped around the bottom of the esophagus, creating a tight, narrow passageway and stopping acid reflux. ... (2 replies)

Acid Rebound? Help
May 17, 2012
... This may not be the time to cut back on PPI's if you are taking them. ... (65 replies)
... better but it didn't last. I'm back to where I started. ... (30 replies)
... performed back in December. ... (2 replies)
Waiting boat
Feb 10, 2010
... So, just an update. I truly hope my esophagus doesn't burst or tear, etc and worse. I am doing the best i can. The drs are throwing their arms up in the air about as much as i am now. ... (3 replies)
Possible Gerd??
Jan 7, 2010
... t does sound like you are suffering from GERD. It effects almost all of us at night. While we are lying flat to sleep, the stomach acid makes it's way into the esophagus causing the burning and pain. It just means that your stomach sphinter is open too much and not staying closed. ... (3 replies)
... ave stomach problems...just mild acid reflux a few times a year, if even but this year has been a nightmare of ibs, gastritis and esophagitis and NOW gallbladder pain for the first time in my life lately. I don't even feel like i am writing about myself with all of that terminology. ... (4 replies)
... (7 replies)
... worst case. GERD is easy to diagnose. If your medications dont help, I will bet your doctors next plan will be to check for an ulcer by endoscopy. If that comes back negative then he may send you for a CT Scan to detect a hernia IF he does not feel it himself. Hernias are usually diagnosed by physical inspection alone. ... (7 replies)
... Hey Paul, do you think Clonazepam makes reflux worse or better? I was prescribed it along with my PPI. I want to ween off of it, but I'm scared it'll make my reflux worse, not to mention the withdrawal symptoms I'll have. I don't even know why I was prescribed it exactly, but my doc said to relax my stomach or something. About carafate, can you take that while on a PPI at... (10 replies)
... Are you taking any pain relievers such as NSAIDs? ... (10 replies)
... your general dr can order an upper gi for you. Mine did. It was an enhanced barrium upper gi, and they gave me these crystals to swallow, which add gas to the esophagus and stomach, which puts air into them,and allows for the best pictures. They can even tell if you have strictures in your esophagus from doing this. ... (40 replies)
... They stuck a camera down my throat and an instrument to open my esophagus more and put me on the purple pill. ... (0 replies)
... that from time to time becomes painful and spreads to shoulders. Feel tired almost all the time. Pain gets much worse as evening hours approach. ... (4 replies)
... ble. My GI doctor also prescribed Carafate which I took for several months. During the summer I did fairly well and then in early Sept. the stomach problems came back along with headaches. The middle of Sept. I noticed I was short of breath. I went to my PCP who did a pulmonary function test and an EKG. All was normal. ... (6 replies)
How would you tell
Jan 25, 2006
... been aching and tender for over a month, hoarseness most of the time but it to comes and goes or it's only for some of the day and some not. I don't get it, the esophagus runs with the airways and I do have constant nose drainage and throat clearing. I have less heartburn but more throat ache or burn however I can describe it. ... (1 replies)
Reglan anyone?
Mar 9, 2005
... raised head of bed, lousy diet, etc. I am on 30 mg Prevacid Am, 30 mg Prevacid PM and 300 mg Zantac PM and I am getting worse. Last couple of days the stomach pain seems worse and I think my stomach may be swollen. ... (5 replies)
... I have constant central chest pain which is not relieved by nitroglycerin or omeprazole. ... (1 replies)

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