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... Ive had gerd for 4 years,ive had 2 scopes one 19 months ago that I think i had some inflamation.The last one not even a month ago,and I had an Erosion in esphoagus right by the cardia.. ... (6 replies)
... WEll just add me to your list. These gas pains are always with me. I have IBS plus GERD and possibly Barrett Esphoagus. I do take gas-x when they are really bad. It seems to for for a while to settle down the gas but it always comes back. I will be going for an endo this month and will ask about this. I do remember one time my pains were so bad, my doc told me I had... (7 replies)
... ah i had panic disorder before this and umm this has me with gerd watching everything i eat and still be sick 5 years later.I have an erosion in my esphoagus you gotta watch out with that because it can turn into bad cells you know..Surgery flip the coin has a 90 percent sucess rate ok.. ... (2 replies)

... About the pain yeah I get it eithier for me gerd,or anxiety related goes into the back.It could be esphoagus is just sore its going to ache.I still get symptoms everyday sometimes worse at night,or worse during the day depends. ... (6 replies)
... EGD is a scope they put down your esphoagus. (4 replies)
... Anyone here ever had an erosion or damage to there esphoagus before.I had a scope few months back showed a 5 mm inflamtion toward the stomach,right where they meet..Im worried ive switched ppis to no sucess at all. ... (4 replies)
... ere in that area,could be gerd related but you mention that hurts when you touch it.Same here mine hurts to the touch also,i would say chrondotis also,maybe your esphoagus is slightly damaged and is healing? ... (2 replies)
... i here ya about the throat deal ive been there,mine hurts today..really you must protect your esphoagus with a ppi if you are having reflux,if your not than you dont nned it... ... (5 replies)
... Zegerid is a PPI,its a newr drug I took the powder form for 7 months or so,im on aciphex now,ans still have symptoms..thanks for the reply.. (6 replies)
... Zegerid isn't a PPI - you need to get back on the PPIs! The PPIs are Aciphex, Nexium, Protonix, Prevacid and Prilosec. You may need to be on a PPI indefinately. If Aciphex worked for you, go back on it. Don't taper off - it's usually a medication you'll need for life - sorry! It could be worse - I have to take 2 PPIs a day for life! If you stop the PPIs, the... (6 replies)
... ppi should help respond and heal a erosion,in my case the acid went through the ppi..Does anyone or ever had an erosion if so what does it feel like etc??did they get one while on a ppi???im worried here how can i heal it if i keep getting acid?? (6 replies)
... Outlaw, I kind of have the same fear. I almost think sometimes the PPi make it worst. I started to have reflux, but nothing like pain . But then once I started PPI, as soon as I stop one day, I feel severe eroson type of pain in my throat area. I almost think the PPI make your body produce even more acid than usual to conteract it and then once you stop the PPI , it causes... (6 replies)
... Thats the thing I never stopped them yet I got the erosion..Thats why im freaking out plus ive got bad anxiety..ive been on meds 4 plus years everday.. (6 replies)
... Outlaw, It sounds like you stopped the PPIs, but you've got to stay on them, otherwise the erosion will come back. If you just have GERD, 1 PPI a day should work, but if your symptoms persist on 1 dose a day, you need to up your meds to 2 doses a day. (6 replies)

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