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... First of all, its great speaking with you on this. Its nice to find someone who can relate. ... (107 replies)
... i have been on prevacid now for about 4 weeks now and not seen much improvement and just wondering how long should i wait to see if its going to benefit me or not, im hoping it will eventually work but i know it might take awhile. ... (5 replies)
... It's actually fairly simple to understand. When you have heartburn you're actually feeling the acid irritating your throat and esophagus. ... (17 replies)

... milar symptoms but I figured out what was causing them. Back a few months ago, I was getting a lot of neck pain, puffyness under the eyes and felt tired and ikky all the time. Turned out I had a pinched nerve in my neck! ... (19 replies)
... First of all, its great speaking with you on this. Its nice to find someone who can relate. ... (107 replies)
... Hi there. First of all, you need to try and relax a little bit. You are not alone here and people will try and help you. ... (107 replies)
... I had a problem of bad odor for a long time but no one doctor could explain. ... (0 replies)
Mucous in throat
Nov 24, 2007
... stress plays no role, no link to foods. The only thing I can link it to is being tired. ... (2 replies)
... I feel your pain! It was hard for me to eat as well because of the tube moving everytime I swallowed. I just took small bites of food. ... (2 replies)
... Well, I am probably the wrong person to ask "how sure I am of the diagnosis"...I am a very analytical person, and need to have things make methodical sense to me. Since this isnt something I can touch, see, or feel, I have overall trouble with the diagnosis. ... (107 replies)
... ive eventually come to the conclusion...that there is a little mucous.. ... (107 replies)
... threatening in 2008. PPI's have been a necessity as part of my treatment. I have issues with acid chronically irritating my lungs and throat. Being able to breathe takes priority for me over the long term side effects of being on the PPI's. ... (11 replies)
... better. Especially in the morning I use to wake up severely congested....not anymore..... ... (32 replies)
... weight loss with absolutely no appetitie. I am getting headaches every day too and dizzy when I walk around but I am putting that down to lack of food? ... (6 replies)
... No sedatives. They will spray numbing spray in your throat and nostril. You really don't need more than that. Once the probe is inserted and the computer turned on, you just walk out and go your merry way. ... (20 replies)
... Five months ago I swore when I finally was symptom free I would create a website providing treatments options and direction on what tests are needed to help educate others like me with this condition. ... (91 replies)
... I also think there's anxiety factor with this, but you know it's hard to concentrate on other things while you have anxiety present as well, but I will try. ... (37 replies)
... Hi Kacy, you are so kind and supportive and I have appreciated all your encouragement through this process. The manometry test was not difficult. I will take you through it step by step since it is still fresh in my mind. ... (39 replies)
... Hi crystal mommy! I'm so happy you replied to this post along with baffled. Girl trust me I've been so depressed over this too! I always feel the same as you as far as waking up to knowing you will have to face another day of struggling with the hassle of eating because of ongoing throat issues. ... (14 replies)
... and since then I had a big globus feeling on my throat, painful swallowing, constant mucus on throat that felt like post nasal drip but I was unable to swallow it, tight throat and constant cough. ... (16 replies)

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